Five great foods for lining your stomach

You can thank us tomorrow morning!

fettucine pasta with bolognese sauce
(Image credit: Getty)
(Image credit: Image credit: Getty)

In order to preserve your mortality and to stop the alcohol toxins from waging a blitzkrieg on your body, here are five foods you should definitely line your stomach with before drinking.  

 1. Pasta 

We’ll establish from the top that any carbs should be consumed prior to drinking. Think of drinking as a marathon for your innards. If you’re prone to acid reflux, avoid heavy tomato sauces and steer towards creamier options. Carbonara is the dream lining due to its heavy egg and cheese content. 

 2. Falafel 

Considered high quality street food, you can do your wallet and stomach a favour by making your own at home. As well as being super filling, these lumps of chickpea goodness also bolster a hefty amount of protein which is good for keeping energy levels peaking. 

 3. Ice cream 

Prior to the pandemic, when the clubs were actually open, you rarely saw the average club-goer double fisting ice cream cones before jumping into the queue, but ice cream is said to be a great stomach liner. You only need a little bit to reap the effects but the diary neutralises the acid you’ll be generating later on. 

 4. Toasties 

The perfect pre-drinking snack for a couple of reasons. One, they’re super easy to make. Two, they are infinitely customisable and three, you can make as many or as few as you want. Perfect food for when there’s a larger group to be catered for! 

5. Mashed potato 

 Welcome to Carb City, population: as much as you can possibly eat without curling up and going to sleep. A side of mashed potato with a heavy helping of butter will also provide your stomach with fat which is used to slow gastric emptying. Myth suggests that this means you’ll get drunk slower…  

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