The 'unbuttoned' pant trend is the casual vibe cool girls want us to jump on—but how do you rock this look IRL?

The 'unbuttoned' jeans trend is the epitome of unbothered, It-girl styling, but how on earth do we wear it?

Bella Hadid and Tessa Thompson seen rocking variations of the 'unbuttoned jeans' trend / in a purple and pink template
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While the debate still rages between high and low-waisted jeans, there's a new styling trick making the rounds that could see your favorite high-rise pants fulfill both roles within your capsule wardrobe. Say hello to the 'unbuttoned' pants trend, the unbothered look TikTok is loving...

That's right, just when we thought we'd seen it all with the no-pants trend and Y2K-exposed thong look making a comeback, we've got yet another way to style our jeans and trousers. Well, style might be a stretch—effectively, fashion-lovers on the internet want us to stop zipping up and buttoning our pants altogether.

Yep, it's officially uncool to wear your trousers as they were intended and while you try and fathom that, here's a full debrief on the unbuttoned pants trend—the surprising wearable way to give your jeans, shorts and pleated trousers a laid-back refresh for summer...

What is the unbuttoned pants trend?

So we weren't kidding, it's literally leaving your pants and jeans undone—not in a way where they'll just slide down as you walk—but rather as a way to expose the waistline or to give your trousers either a flattering V-shape or low waist look.

A good example of the trend is TikTok and Instagram's fave way of styling Dickie's 874 trousers—a favorite in Emma Chamberlain's outfit rotation. 


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Wearers began leaving the top clasp undone and folding the high waist over, to expose the white band and 874 logo while simultaneously creating a v-shaped, low waist fit.

How to style the unbuttoned pants trend

There are actually a few ways to rock this look. As mentioned, it's a popular way to style Dickies trousers, so if you're looker for a cargo-esque pant option, this could be a great way to incorporate the trend into your styling.

It's also popular with high-waisted shorts, especially when paired with a bikini! As we can see here, Madelyn Cline often leaves her classic, denim shorts undone, for that unbothered, surfer girl vibe—as does her onscreen counterpart, Sarah Cameron in Outer Banks. The unbuttoned look is perfect for a beach coverup outfit, or for when you're on vacation and are setting off for a day spent lounging on the sand.

We've also spied the likes of Bella Hadid rocking the unbuttoned look with a pair of wide-leg, flowing trousers.

Bella Hadid wears the waistband of her cream-colored trousers folded over as she's seen with a friend in Soho on August 12, 2020 in New York City

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From the looks of it, it's just an easy way to casual up an outfit, or to switch up a high-waist pair of bottoms into more of a low-waist look—without forking out money for a brand new pair. It can also be a way to repurpose a pair of trousers that you love the shape or style of, but perhaps the waistline isn't the best fit!

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