We ranked the best 'Love Island UK' seasons to rewatch now

We reflect on the 'Love Island UK' seasons that'll live on forever...and the ones we'd rather forget!

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Love Island UK 2022 is our official indicator that summer has arrived and we've pretty much cleared our calendars from 9 pm every night. And, now that we're on the eighth instalment, we thought it was worth taking a look back at all the Love Island UK seasons so far.

The all-new Love Island 2022 cast is made up of 11 islanders, who will no doubt be occupying our conversations with friends, colleagues and strangers at the pub for the next eight to nine weeks. The Love Island memes have begun in force, with plenty of drama and new couples for fans to dissect.

But as we sink our teeth into the long-awaited eighth season (we can't believe it either), let's take a trip down memory lane to reflect on the previous series. A lot has changed over the years since the show first aired back in 2015 (including the amount of Love Island couples that are still together) and it's no secret that some instalments were *ahem* better/more entertaining than others. 

So which season of Love Island was your favorite? Here's our definitive list of all the Love Island UK seasons ranked, from best to worst. And if you still haven't caught up on the most recent episodes, here's how to watch Love Island UK from just about anywhere.

Love Island UK seasons—ranked from worst to best 

7. Season one (2015)

Typically, the first seasons of a show tend to be the best, but that arguably wasn't quite the case with Love Island. Many people didn't actually know it was airing at the time, having returned for the first time since the original series aired in 2005 (yes, Love Island as we know it now is a reboot!)

Looking back now, season one feels slightly dated. While the Islanders themselves were super entertaining, it all felt a little trial and error-ish, and it arguably hadn't settled into the winning format we know and love today. That being said, we still got some great drama... and a shock proposal (who remembers the whirlwind between Hannah and Jon?). But, the show then was not exactly what we know and love it to be today.  

6. Season seven (2021)

Something about last year's installment just didn't seem to resonate with the public. In fact, we all thought the Love Island frenzy had perhaps run its course. The islanders just didn't have as much chemistry as a group as in previous seasons, and none of the couples really gave us a love story worth shouting about—despite overall winners Millie Court and Liam Reardon beating the other islanders to the £50,000 prize. The season was so uneventful that Faye's brown lipstick became one of the biggest talking points (yes, really). And while the friendship between Liberty and Kaz was a cute sprinkle of wholesomeness, it wasn't enough to carry the entire show. We'll mark this one as a rusty comeback and hope season eight redeems Love Island's reputation. 

5. Season six (2020)

Season six was always a questionable move from the Love Island bosses. It was the show's first (and last) winter edition and well, it just felt a little off from the get-go. Not only was the Love Island location changed to a villa in South Africa, rather than the usual Mallorca villa, but something about watching our favorite summer show in the peak of winter felt a bit wrong. Plus, respectfully, most of the islanders from the season were pretty forgettable... aside from our in-sync dancing duo by Luke T and Siannise Fudge. The couple had a good run on the outside world, moving in together and even getting a dog, though sadly their cute little family setup was short-lived when they broke up in early 2022. 

4. Season two (2016)

This really feels like a lifetime ago, but the second season of Love Island is the one that proved that real connections can be formed on the show. Not only are winners and day one couple Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey still together six years later, but they're also married with two kids. Their fellow islanders (and besties) Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen are also going equally as strong after getting married in 2018 and welcoming their first baby in January 2022. It really was the season of happily ever afters! 

Not only did this series showcase real and meaningful connections, but it also spurned plenty of drama—who remembers Zara Holland losing her Miss GB crown after some *ahem* intimate time in the hideaway with Alex?

3. Season three (2017)

Season three was the season that cemented Love Island as the nation's favorite show. After a low-key debut, season three really did become the topic of conversation across offices, social media and nights out with friends, as we all fell in love with the bromance between season favorites Kem Cetinay and Chris Hughes. There was drama in the form of Chris' relationship with Olivia Atwood, and viewers watched on in adoration as fan-favorite Camilla Thurlow was finally swept off her feet by Jamie Jewitt, after a series of rather disastrous romantic entanglements beforehand (they're now married with a baby!).

It was also the first year we the real Casa Amor plot twist and boy did it cause a stir. The chaos that erupted is one for the Love Island books. Plus, this series made real stars out of the cast—with the likes of Kem, Olivia, and Montana Brown still enjoying TV fame.

2. Season four (2018)

By the time season four came around, Love Island was well and truly in the mainstream and the nation had high hopes of what the 2018 show would bring. Fortunately, ITV did not disappoint as islanders and fans quickly became #loyal to the show and its slew of new Islanders, including the Do Bits Society members Wes Nelson, Josh Denzel and Jack Fowler. The boys (or Josh in particular) also caused one of the most dramatic Casa Amor recouplings in the show's history, when he walked back into the main villa with new girl Kaz Crossley, ditching his original love interest Georgia Steel. Ouch! 

This season also brought us Megan Barton Hanson, who ended up with Wes (though the couple split shortly after) and of course, day one couple Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham who were adorable throughout, but didn't quite last on the outside. 

1. Season five (2019)

And now, our pick for one of the best Love Island UK seasons ever.

Love Island season five really was the season that kept on giving, and honestly, nothing has quite compared to it since. Not only did it give us Molly Mae and Tommy Fury, who are still going strong as a couple, but also season winner (and fan fave) Amber Gill, her bestie Anna Vakili and her controversial love interest Michael 'Chaldish' Griffiths, who gave us all the drama we needed. Oh, and let's not forget our girl Maura Higgins, who kept us entertained from the moment she entered the villa as a bombshell—not to mention our introduction to Casa Amor's finest man, Ovie Soko. What a season! Time for a rewatch?

How to watch old seasons of Love Island UK

The easiest way to watch the old episodes of Love Island UK is on ITV Hub as all the previous seasons are available on there.

This is what you have to do: 

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