The first ever period face mask has landed to tackle hormonal freak outs

How (and why) this Faace Skincare mask can help

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Skin throws a serious tantrum when we get our period TBH - read oil production, breakouts and skin sensitivity. Not even the best non-comedogenic foundation can come to the rescue.

The cause is largely hormonal, as our predominant hormone oestrogen is thrown off balance when there's an increase in testosterone the week before our period. "It's this drop in oestrogen that drives acne and increased oil production," says dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto from London's Cadogen Clinic. 

To attend to the side effects, Faace Skincare has launched Period Faace, the world's first period face mask designed to help you step off the seesaw of hormonal skin.  

The clever blend of hyaluronic acid, green tea, lavender, clary sage, zinc and salicin means you can kick potential breakouts to the kerb but also hydrate. 

Plus, the considered aromatherapy-based fragrances evoke calm when we feel like  hormonally-overwhelmed plate spinners.

Faace Skincare, Faace Skincare Period Faace

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"Why shouldn’t you have a cool-looking product to help you combat your period?", says Faace founder, Jasmine Wicks-Stephens. “This facemask can’t stop cramps, but it can help keep skin clean. Periods are still a relatively taboo topic and creating something overtly branded as period, felt feministic and empowering.” 

Also nice: Faace donates a pack of period products to someone in need via social enterprise Hey Girls for every mask sold. Win win!