Say hello to golden, hydrated skin with this limited edition set from Isle of Paradise

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Isle Of Paradise gift set
(Image credit: Isle Of Paradise)

We’re all tucked up at home a little more now, so it seems there is no better time to indulge in a bit of self-care. Whether it’s something for you (we’re big fans of self-gifting) or for your loved ones, this Isle of Paradise, Take Me To Paradise set $39.95 / £30 is the perfect way to ensure a sun-kissed, hydrated and glowing skin complexion all year round. The gift set enables you to make a pretty impressive saving of 40%, so what’s not to like? 

What’s in the Isle of Paradise, Take Me To Paradise gift set?

Isle Of Paradise gift set

(Image credit: Isle Of Paradise)

These 5 products, which include the best-selling Self-Tanning Drops in Medium, are everything you need for the perfect glow. 

Self-Tanning Drops in Medium (30ml)

These best-selling handy drops give you the opportunity to transform any moisturizer into self-tan, helps achieve a natural-looking color and contains green pigments to counteract any redness on the skin. 

Self-Tanning Water in Medium (100ml)

Color transfer is a thing of the past with this transparent water. Formulated with a SuperBalance™ complex which utilises colour-correcting actives to ensure a natural look. Skin is kept happy and hydrated with coconut, avocado and chia seed oil. 

Self-Tanning Butter (200ml)

Gradually build a better tan with this luxurious and creamy butter. Containing a blend of coconut, eucalyptus and peppermint oil which keeps skin hydrated, soft and supple - not to mention smelling great too. 

Plus a super-soft Tanning Applicator Mitt to make application a breeze and ensure perfect coverage and Limited-Edition Beauty Bag which makes for one stylish storage solution.

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