I tried the Fenty Skin Flash Nap eye cream and these are my initial thoughts

One writer puts the new Fenty Skin Flash Nap eye cream to the test

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News that Rihanna would be launching a Fenty Skin Flash Nap eye cream sent fans into a frenzy earlier this month. The skincare brand, which only launched last summer, is already four-products strong, with this new eye cream taking the line-up to five.

Taking to Instagram to share the news, the brand wrote: "Introducing: #FLASHNAP Instant Revival Eye Gel-Cream, @badgalriri's secret weapon for getting that bright-eyed, well-rested look – even when you're running on no sleep!

"Made from a combination of powerhouse global ingredients like green tea, Persian silk tree, and horse chestnut, #FLASHNAP cools + soothes on contact, instantly hydrates, and reduces the look of dark circles + puffiness over time."

I've been using Fenty Skin Flash Nap for a few days now and I have to say, I'm impressed. Keep reading for my initial thoughts...

First things first, the formula is super lightweight and lovely and gentle upon application, with a lasting cooling effect. The under eye area feels silky for a good few hours after application too, so it definitely does its job as far as hydration and de-puffing goes. 

It's a simple tool, but the under-eye massager is definitely worth the extra spends in my opinion. It adds to the cooling and de-puffing effects and is just the right size for the job. Eye bags, who?

For those who find it sensitizing, it is worth noting that the eye cream does contain a little fragrance, but this is listed right at the end of the Inci (ingredients) list, which means it's a very small amount. All in all, this is a great entry level eye cream to tackle some of the biggest concerns this area of skin can throw at you, but you'd probably want a stronger or more heavy duty formula to tackle very deep wrinkles.

Shop Fenty Skin Flash Nap Eye Cream

Fenty Skin Flash Nap Eye Cream, $32, Sephora (UK £28, Boots)

Fenty Skin Flash Nap Eye Cream, <a href="https://shop-links.co/link?publisher_slug=future&exclusive=1&u1=hawk-custom-tracking&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.sephora.com%2Fproduct%2Ffenty-skin-rihanna-flash-nap-instant-revival-eye-gel-cream-P469087&article_name=hawk-article-name&article_url=hawk-article-url" data-link-merchant="sephora.com"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">$32, Sephora (UK <a href="https://www.awin1.com/awclick.php?awinmid=2041&awinaffid=103504&clickref=hawk-custom-tracking&p=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.boots.com%2Ffenty-skin-flash-nap-instant-revival-eye-gel-cream-10292594" data-link-merchant="boots.com"" data-link-merchant="sephora.com"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">£28, Boots)

A cooling, depuffing gel cream that promises to reduce dark circles, under eye bags and fine lines over time.

Fenty Skin Flash Nap Eye Cream &amp; Eye Massage Tool, $42 (UK £36, Boots)

Fenty Skin Flash Nap Eye Cream & Eye Massage Tool, <a href="https://go.redirectingat.com/?id=92X1626994&xcust=hawk-custom-tracking&xs=1&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.fentybeauty.com%2Fflash-nap-instant-revival-eye-gel-cream-eye-massage-tool%2F47144.html&sref" data-link-merchant="SkimLinks - fentybeauty.com"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">$42 (UK <a href="https://www.awin1.com/awclick.php?awinmid=2041&awinaffid=103504&clickref=hawk-custom-tracking&p=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.boots.com%2Ffenty-skin-instant-revival-eye-gel-cream-and-eye-massage-tool-10293005" data-link-merchant="boots.com"" data-link-merchant="SkimLinks - fentybeauty.com"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">£36, Boots)

The same formula but with the addition of a mini massager for the under eye area.

Clearly it's not just me who's loving the eye cream so far, as Flash Nap is already racking up the positive customer feedback. "I have been using this product for a week and am pleased with the results," writes one five-star Boots reviewer. "I use morning and evening for brighter feeling eyes."

Another adds: "I’m not one for an eye cream but WOW what a difference! I work long shifts so this week I’ve been putting it on about 3/4 of the way through and it does give you a much brighter eye and the cooling agent wakes you up and makes you feel more alert".

There you have it! Will you be jumping on the Flash Nap bandwagon?

Lucy Abbersteen

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