Berries and cream: TikTok’s newest viral trend explained

Be warned: Berries and cream, TikTok's newest obsession, will get stuck in your head

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Berries and cream, TikTok's latest obsession, proves that we will grab ahold of anything that makes us feel nostalgic. Arguably one of the most catchy commercials of the early 2000s—and not necessarily in a good way—is making the rounds on the platform, and it just might inspire you to stock up on some Starbursts.

Before we unpack the 27,000 berries and cream videos that have started circulating, let's take a step back and see how it all got started, shall we? We have a feeling there's a particular character that'll ring a few bells. And, fair warning, you might be inclined to head to the candy aisle after this one.

The berries and cream TikTok trend—how it started

If you found yourself indulging in a Gossip Girl or Degrassi marathon circa 2007, there's a very good chance you've encountered the commercial of a Lord Farquaad-inspired character who goes crazy for a new Starburst flavor. (You guessed it, berries and cream.) He's kind of hard to miss, considering he's wearing something we might see out of Bridgerton. We do appreciate his enthusiasm for a good snack, though!

"Berries and cream, berries and cream, I'm a little lad who loves berries and cream," he chants in a wide range of octaves. If you thought you've erased this ad from your memory, it's back and it's here to get stuck in your head all over again.

How did berries and cream end up on TikTok?

Justin McElroy, @hoopsmcelroy—who you might recognize from My Brother and Me, Sawbones and The Adventure Zone—has done us the favor of sharing this old-school sweets commercial. 

"Please make great art with this sound," he wrote. "It's what we all need." 

Well, that's debatable, but his challenge has been accepted by many a TikTok user. Since uploading this wonky video, it has received over 170,000 shares, 22,000 shares and close to 7,000 comments. Looks like the Berries and Cream fella isn't going anywhere just yet...which is fantastic. 


Berries and cream

♬ original sound - Justin McElroy

How to use berries and cream properly on TikTok

If you want to do as the cool kids do, we'll help you navigate the funky trend so that you're posting the "Berries and Cream" jam correctly. If you've experienced a fashion faux pas that makes your style seem dated, that's when to post the "Berries and Cream" chant. It's all a nod to the enthusiastic who looks like a real-life Shrek character. 

Let's say you've fixed your hair in some unusual way or didn't quite execute the cottagecore trend as seamlessly as Taylor Swift—that would be a fantastic opportunity to utilize this annoying catchy trend. Have a look at what we're talking about below!


catch ya girl in fantasyland :,))))

♬ original sound - Justin McElroy

Who is the berries and cream guy?

According to Newsweek, the actor who plays this delightful Regency-era fellow is Jack Ferver. Wonder if a new Starburst commercial is in the near future after his sudden fame resurgence? 

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