How to watch 'Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins' as reality stars get down and dirty

No matter your location, here's how to watch 'Celebrity SAS' as 16 celebs venture off to North Vietnam

How to watch Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Win
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Sixteen celebs are about to embark on the most challenging experience of their lives, so you'll need to know how to watch Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins before series 5 begins. (And you thought the villa was intimidating...)

How to watch 'Celebrity SAS' wherever you are

Normally, we'd expect top-notch treatment for those in the limelight, but the 16 reality TV stars, athletes, musicians, and more are taking on an entirely different experience in Thung Ui, North Vietnam, where they'll be tested with physical and psychological activities. 

"There will be no special treatment for any of the celebrities, as they confront surprising truths about themselves, to discover their true selves," Channel 4 said in a statement. "The DS don't care how famous the recruits are, how many social media followers they have or what they have done before this. As soon as they enter the selection process, their celebrity status and luxuries are stripped away."

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Time and date: Tuesday, September 26 at 9:30pm
Stream: Channel 4
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How to watch 'Celebrity SAS' in the UK

Curious what's underway for series 5? Tune in on Tuesday, September 26, at 9:30pm on Channel 4. There will be seven one-hour-long episodes this go-around. Think you can handle what's ahead?

How to watch 'Celebrity SAS' in the US and beyond

For those who aren't able to access Chanel 4 in their home country, turn to a VPN, which allows you to change your device's IP address to unlock content that might not be available in your physical location. 

We highly recommend Express VPN, the top-rated VPN from our sister site, TechRadar. You can try it risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, your activity is secure, data is private and help is available whenever you need, 24/7. (Should you encounter any issues while using the VPN, remember to delete the cookies from your device or switch to a new server.)

Here's how to get started with a VPN for Celebrity SAS:

1. You will need to create a separate Channel 4 account in order to start streaming and use a UK postcode upon sign-up. ExpressVPN is a complement to Channel 4.

2. Follow the download instructions for Express VPN

3. Open the app, and select your server location as anywhere in the UK. 

4. Once Express VPN is installed and your locale is set to the UK, log onto your Channel 4 account and follow the instructions to start streaming Celebrity SAS

Who is in the cast of 'Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins'?

Ready to meet the new brave souls participating in Celebrity SAS? Here are the singers, athletes, and ex-Love Islanders, among others, who are participating this season: 

  • Matt Hancock
  • Gareth Gates
  • Michelle Heaton
  • Siva Kaneswaran
  • Danielle Lloyd
  • Melinda Messenger
  • Jermaine Pennant
  • Gareth Thomas
  •  James “Arg” Argent
  • Montana Brown
  • Teddy Soares
  • Amber Turner
  • Zoe Lyons
  • Kirsty-Leigh Porter
  • Perri Shakes-Drayton
  • Jon-Allan Butterworth

Although things might've been cushy in their previous TV gigs, Matt Hancock assured The Manchester News that this challenge was no picnic.

"Being on SAS was like nothing else I’ve ever experienced," he revealed to the outlet. "It's one of the toughest physical and mental things I've ever done. It really opens your eyes and makes you look into yourself."

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