Is 'Triangle of Sadness' streaming?

It's the most outrageous movie of the year, but is 'Triangle of Sadness' streaming anywhere yet?

Is Triangle of Sadness streaming? Starring Charlbi Dean and Harris Dickinson
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This year has brought with it some buzzy titles, from Don't Worry Darling to Aftersun, but is one of the 2022's wildest movies, Triangle of Sadness, streaming yet? 

Written and directed by Ruben Östlund, the satirical dark comedy follows the super-wealthy guests of a luxury cruise, including a couple of celebrity fashion models (Harris Dickinson and Charlbi Dean), as well as the boat's beleaguered staff, helmed by a chaotic, alcoholic captain (played by Woody Harrelson). 

After more seaborn hijinks than could fill an entire season of Below Deck Mediterranean, the ship sinks and the survivors are trapped on a deserted island, where a Lord of the Flies-esque scrabble for power and pretzel sticks plays out between the rich former guests and the people who used to serve them onboard. 

If you like rich-people-behaving-badly series like Succession, The White Lotus and, yes, boat-set Bravo shows, this is the movie for you. But first, here's all of the Triangle of Sadness streaming info you need to watch it from home. 

Is 'Triangle of Sadness' streaming?

After having its world premiere at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival on Thursday, May 5—where it won the illustrious Palme d'Or award—Triangle of Sadness had its theatrical release in the United States on Friday, October 7, and in the United Kingdom on Friday, October 28. 

The title—which was scooped up by Neon post-Cannes for North American distribution—is unfortunately not currently available to stream on any digital platforms. Neon signed a multi-year licensing deal with Hulu in 2017 where all upcoming movies released via the studio would be available exclusively on the streaming platform following their theatrical runs, so, when Triangle of Sadness does make it to streaming, we would expect to see it on Hulu. 

While there is not a specific date set yet for the movie's digital release, keep an eye on this space for all updates!

Watch the 'Triangle of Sadness' trailer:

Who is in the 'Triangle of Sadness' cast?

The international cast is a mix of familiar faces, like Where the Crawdads Sing's Harris Dickinson, and scene-stealing newcomers (you'll be hearing Dolly de Leon's name a lot when award season comes around!). Here's who's who:

  • Harris Dickinson as Carl
  • Charlbi Dean as Yaya
  • Dolly de Leon as Abigail
  • Zlatko Burić as Dimitry
  • Iris Berben as Therese
  • Vicki Berlin as Paula
  • Henrik Dorsin as Jarmo
  • Alicia Eriksson as Alicia
  • Jean-Christophe Folly as Nelson
  • Amanda Walker as Clementine
  • Oliver Ford Davies as Winston
  • Sunnyi Melles as Vera
  • Woody Harrelson as Captain Thomas Smith
  • Hanna Oldenburg as Yacht Steward

Sadly, tragedy struck the Triangle of Sadness cast before the film could be widely released. South African actress-model Charlbi Dean—who plays famous social media influencer Yaya in the film, her first major movie role—died unexpectedly on August 29, 2022, at the age of 32. The cause of death was reportedly a viral infection in her lungs. 

Director Ruben Östlund dedicated the film to Dean at its North American premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September, saying: “She was a very caring colleague and a person who was lifting up everybody on set and bringing out the best of everyone. You will also see that she was a very, very precise actress. So take a close look at her performance in this film.”

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