'Mosting' is the icky new dating phenomenon that makes ghosting look like a walk in the park

Allow the experts to walk you through 'mosting,' a.k.a. ghosting's older, more annoying cousin

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If you thought ghosting was pitiful, "mosting" has arrived to demote your least-favorite romantic occurrence. 

While summer 2023 dating trends are set to include some positives, including creative "infla-dating" ideas and expanding horizons with "untyping," mosting is one we'd rather not have on the list. But unfortunately, the phenomenon is on the rise, particularly in the online dating world. 

"The increasing number of dating apps and social media apps may have made it easier to connect with people, however, this means it’s even easier to disconnect from someone when things don’t work out," says Neil Dutta, the managing director at engagement ring specialist, Angelic Diamonds

So, what is mosting exactly? Angelic Diamonds conducted research in order to uncover this year's most popular trends among singles, so you'll be able to spot the red flag of this culprit 100 miles away.

What is 'mosting,' the new dating trend to worry about?

If ghosting had an older cousin, it would be mosting.

"It's a dating or relationship behavior where someone comes on very strong with seemingly over-the-top affection, compliments and gestures," Dutta says. "All of this is done to quickly establish a deep level of emotional connection with their partner, hence the name."

While it sounds intoxicating, it is...but not in a good way.

"This isn’t to be misconstrued as positive dating behavior, as the next stage of mosting is when the affectionate person then suddenly disappears and ghosts their partner," he adds. 

Essentially, it's an opening act before the main performance of ghosting, but after such attention, you'll be left wondering how a potential S.O. could fall off the face of the earth so quickly. We truly love the extra "oomph" of mosting. (Can you sense the sarcasm here?)

What to do if someone is 'mosting'?

Should you be in a new relationship where your partner is a bit too over-the-top, you're going to have to take the wheel and steer you in a direction that's more comfortable for you. Don't be afraid to put your needs first; if they are open to building something authentic, this shouldn't be an issue.

"If you find yourself dating someone who is overly keen and exhibiting mosting behavior, then I’d recommend being upfront," Dutta recommends. "Tell them that you want to take things slow and build a real connection before getting too serious. You should consider setting clear boundaries."

How to spot 'mosting' before it starts

Although we love giving you a hand, we can't always be there to wave the red flag. That's why you're going to have to get good at spotting mosting behavior on your own. Here's what Dutta and his team suggest you keep an eye out for: 

  • They’re overly affectionate to the point of making you feel uncomfortable
  • Their actions are causing third parties to notice and interject 
  • They're making big statements very quickly, but not following through
  • They ghost before reappearing to repeat the cycle

Finding your other is never without its challenges, but you can handle anything that comes your way. Check out our expert-backed first date tips to help steer you in the right direction.

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