Why did Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro end their engagement? Rumors suggest this wasn't the couple's first split

What's going on between Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro? Here's the latest on the fan-favorite duo

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro celebrate her birthday at Carbone after Rosalia performed at the Global Citizen Festival on September 25, 2022 in New York City.
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In a surprise to fans everywhere, Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro decided to end their engagement and head their separate ways. 

Though Rosalía and Hunter Schafer dating rumors came to light earlier this year when the singer released "Tuya", it seemed that the gossip was just that. The end of her three-year relationship, however, is very much real. 

In a People exclusive on Tuesday, July 25, sources noted that the two still share love and respect for one another, but ultimately decided it would be best to split. Needless to say, each singer's fan base is curious about what transpired. Here's everything we know. 

Why did Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro break up?

Despite the split, sources indicate that Rosalía and Rauw still share a mutual admiration for one another, seemingly suggesting that the two exes remain friends, or at least on amicable terms. 

Some loyal followers are starting to suspect that busy schedules and career transitions might be to blame for this news. In a lengthy chat with Billboard in March 2023, right after their engagement, the two revealed that they're polar opposites in regards to their music and professional approach—she, a workaholic, and he, a laidback artist. Ultimately, Rauw claimed they "motivate each other to keep rising to an infinite level."

Perhaps there was also a bit of fear on Rauw's end, as he stated, "People love drama in the entertainment world, and a romantic relationship will always take precedence. We felt if ours came to light, the effort we’ve both done toward our projects and our music would come second.”

Was their opposite approach and different phases of their career too much to mesh together? Was touring on the opposite ends of the world too much? Or, sadly, is it true that Rauw cheated on Rosalía? Shortly after the news surfaced of their engagement coming to an end, fans took to TikTok with serious allegations. They suggested that the Latin singer had an affair with a Colombian model, which ultimately caused their three-year relationship to come apart. 

This was not the case, as Rauw took to Instagram Stories on Wednesday, July 26, to set the record straight. The lengthy post was written in Spanish, but part of it translates to, "Yes, a few months ago, Rosi and I ended our engagement. There are thousands of problems that can cause a breakup, but in our case it was not due to the fault of a third party or infidelity. During this time that I am taking to assimilate all this, erroneous public allegations have arisen and out of the respect I have for her, our families, and everything we live through, I could not remain silent."

After a few days, Rosalía broke her silence. She took to Instagram on Thursday, July 27, to address all that has transpired. However, her message was much shorter than her ex's and seemingly more cryptic, according to some readers. The blurb was written in Spanish and roughly translates to: "I love, respect, and admire Raul very much. I don't pay attention to peculiarities, we know what we have experienced. This moment is not easy, so thanks to everyone for understanding and respecting."

'Hayami Hana' by Rauw: lyrics and meaning

On Thursday, August 10, Rauw dropped "Hayami Hana," seemingly his breakup song for Rosalía. In the emotional ballad, he revealed that leaving was never an option and suggested their lifestyles are what tore them apart. Given that he had some pretty nasty allegations thrown his way, this appeared to be an effort to set listeners straight. Though the song is sung in Spanish, the opening lyrics translate to:

"In case we never speak again
And my favorite eyes don't look at me again
I'm doing this, if you ever want to reminisce
About your fool, the one who truly loved you
And I won't act tough, I won't play around
Everybody here knows I'll cry for you, I'll miss you
Yes, there's nothing to hide here
But there are a couple things I'd like to get off my chest"

What's more, Rauw also suggested that he is leaving the line of communication open, and then some. 

"I will finish our little house in case you come back," another lyric reads. 

If this new tune is anything to go by, it would seem that Rosalía was the one to put an end to things. But why? Is the hectic lifestyle of a musician really to blame?

Rosalía and Rauw rumors spread on TikTok

Shortly after news of their split hit the internet, fans were quick to react on social media. On TikTok, a video (in Spanish) emerged suggesting that Rosalía was the one to call things off, and in fact, the two had previously split, but we were unaware. 

Judging from some of the comments, listeners tuning in via their FYP page are not terribly convinced. "How does she know? Is Rosalia telling her," one user commented. Another wrote, "what did i tell you, im pretty sure the first time she left him was when she dropped despecha."

While the who-dumped-who argument seems to be alive and well, other fans wish the commentary would stop. "Can we plz leave them alone and give them space to go through this, it's hard enough," one TikToker replied. 

Have a listen to the video. Do you think that these claims have any validity? 


♬ BESO - ROSALÍA & Rauw Alejandro

When did Rosalía and Rauw get engaged?

The rising stars had originally crossed paths in 2019 but were romantically linked in 2021. This year, around the time their joint single "Beso" dropped in March, we learned the two had decided to take their romance to a new level by getting engaged. 

In the Billboard interview, Rosalía also stated, "I’m lucky to be your partner, and I want to be there for you, sabes? And I feel you’re there for me, independent of the careers. For me, our relationship is first, and then there’s everything else. Of course my career is super important in my life, but at the same time, in my life, you’re my companion, and everything else comes second."

Should more news develop, we'll be sure to keep you posted.

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