A comprehensive guide to sex emojis

All of the sex emojis you need to level up your sexting prowess

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In a world dominated by digital communication, fluency in sex emojis is a must-have skill to spice up your sex life. 

Images were once the foundation of all communication. Symbols, graffiti and hieroglyphics allowed ancient civilizations to express their thoughts, feelings and desires without the complication of translating languages. 

And thanks to the introduction of emojis, we have returned to an age of using imagery to convey our feelings and, like all good things in life, there is room for filthy messaging, too. 

“So often messages are misinterpreted—texts lack the human touch, the tone in voice, body language and other subtleties,” says Gillian Myhill, co-founder of BARE dating. “When composing a digital message you need to consider this. Some messages can be read as “harsh” emojis can assist here in adding a human touch.”

Emojis don’t just add a saucy layer of intrigue to a sext. They are also one of the best sex tips for helping nervous—or lazy—sexters who are hesitant to type out their kinkiest thoughts. (They're also a great way to dip a toe in learning how to talk dirty.) A well-placed emoji could be the difference between a jaw-droppingly sexy message and a cringe-filled block-and-delete moment. Here's how to use them like a pro. 

A comprehensive guide to sex emojis

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The obvious ones:

1. The Eggplant
Even the most innocent sexter knows what the eggplant emoji means when it pings into our inbox. It is a signal for a well-endowed penis looking to get down and dirty. But there are other options if you feel the aubergine is not an accurate reflection of your partner’s talents, like the carrot or the banana (for all those uncircumcised penises). However, if your partner is a little sensitive, it’s best to relegate the less flattering penis emojis to the group chat…

2. The Peach
Oh, the peach, a glorious representation of one of humankind’s greatest obsessions: the butt. It's a perfect reflection of a body part we should all be proud to show off and an easy, cheeky response to any requests for anal or spanking action.

3. The Flower
History and art have long associated flowers with the beautiful vulva, with petals just begging to be opened up. The emoji world is no different. Any of the flowers—or whichever feels like the most picture-perfect representation of your own floral arrangement—can communicate clearly that your vulva is ready for some tongue action. 

4. The Vagina
Finding an emoji that accurately reflects what is essentially a hole is a tricky one but there are plenty of fun options to allude to the V between your legs. The taco, sushi or kitten emojis have all been co-opted for filthy fun and can accurately signal what kind of action your body is begging for. 

5. The Sweat Drops
A beautiful—and weirdly disgusting—emoji with multiple meanings, the sweat drops are the perfect addition to any sexy chat. The emoji can be interpreted as sweating with excitement or, in the case of vagina owners, a clear signal that the body is ready for some sensual thrills. (Hello, squirting.)

6. The Pyrotechnics
There are too many fire-related emojis to narrow it down to one but anything flame, explosion or lightning-related works when it comes to communicating how hot your partner makes you feel and how close to orgasm you are during a mutual text and masturbate session. 

7. The Drooling Face
A classic move for the lazy sexter, the drooling face is the perfect response to a sauce nude picture or message. Who doesn’t want to have the power to make someone drool with anticipation? Let your partner how ready you are for action with this “made for this” emoji. 

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The "huh?" ones

1. The Octopus
A tentacled sea creature is not an obviously sexy image but this adorable little one is a great way to express how much you want to feel up your partner. 

2. The Cherry
Another sexy piece of produce is the pair of cherries emoji. It's a perfect, round representation of balls for those who want to make sure their partner’s cherries are not forgotten during a sexting marathon.

3. The Lollipop
Perhaps not one for the drool-averse among us, the lollipop is a simple way of saying "I want to lick you all over." The human body may not be as sweet as a lollipop but it’s certainly a close second. 

4. The Camel
Code for “I want to hump you,” a camel emoji is a risque approach to emoji sexting that may trigger confused responses. However, if funny and sexy is your thing, then shoot your shot with it. 

5. The Cancer Sign
Thanks to a world obsessed with astrology, there is a full cohort of emojis to depict your astrological sign. Unluckily for Cancers everywhere, the Cancer sign emoji resembles the number “69.” So, if you want to express your desire to mix up your oral sex, go for this sneakily sexy emoji.

6. The Praying One
Hidden amongst all the people-centric emojis is one “good girl” emoji that can be flipped on its head. The praying emoji is the perfect way to express submissiveness for those kinky sexters looking to show how much they want to serve their partner. 

The sweet combo

1. The Bed and…
While the bed emoji is usually reserved for signaling sleep, it can become X-rated with a little creativity. Add some tools to express how much “drilling” needs to get done at home or some fireworks emojis to signal how explosive you’re feeling. 

2. The Rollercoaster and Water Droplets
A rollercoaster does not immediately scream “sexy” but combined with a few sweat droplets, a partner will know exactly what kind of ride you want to take.

3. The Lips Or Tongue and…
The red lipstick mark emoji and the tongue are both sexy enough on their own but if you want to make your desires crystal clear, mix it up and include some fruit or vegetables to make sure they know exactly where those lips are going to end up. 

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