TikTok's style equation is the foolproof way to construct an outfit that everyone will compliment

Get ready to bring your favorite outfits to life with this easy styling method

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While you might be familiar with the 'wrong shoe theory', this latest TikTok outfit formula might just change your whole aesthetic and leave you looking like you 'belong in a Pinterest board.'

Now, Pinterest itself is of course a great place to find all your capsule wardrobe inspo but it's also become pretty synonymous with an aesthetic we can really only describe as 'cool girl'-coded. Think '90s fashion, mixed with a few Scandi-esque mismatched pieces, that just seem to work- though you've never thought of pairing them together before. 

Well, now TikTok creators think they've finally sussed out the exact elements behind these eclectic ensembles and apparently, it takes just six simple steps...

What is the TikTok Pinterest outfit equation?

Describing the look as a "vibe sandwich", TikToker @arcticjackie has well and truly cracked the Pinterest aesthetic code, in just six steps.


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In Jackie's video, which has now wracked up over one million views, she says to first: "Put on a button-up, tank top, or a graphic tee,"—it doesn't matter which just as long as you feel cute. Step two, sees you slip on a pair of bottoms that do not match the 'vibe of the top'—we repeat, do not match the vibe!

Here's where that 'sandwich' term comes into play, Jackie says: "Step three, put on a pair of shoes that match the vibe of the top. It's kind of like a vibe sandwich," before layering any part of your outfit, whether that's a shirt, scarf or jacket.

Then step five, sees you take a bag that matches any part of your ensemble so far (whether it's the bottoms, top, or shoes.), then step five..."accessorize to the moon."

Layer on all your fave rings and gold huggie earrings, plus a pair of your coolest sunglasses and voila, you're Pinterest-ready. 

Here's a quick recap of the steps to screenshot...

  1. Put on a button-up, tank top, or graphic tee
  2. Add bottoms that do not match the top
  3. Pick shoes that match the vibe of your chosen top
  4. Layer one part of your outfits, i.e. with a jacket 
  5. Add a bag that matches any part of your fit
  6. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

This TikTok sound now narrates a plethora of other videos, all of which sees fashion-lovers recreating this Pinterest outfit formula and all we can say is, it works!


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MIL's take on the Pinterest outfit formula

The beauty of this Pinterest-coded formula is that you likely already have all the items you need to recreate it kicking about in your closet. It can also be adapted to whatever your style and preferences. 

If you need a bit of inspo though, we've compiled a few statement essentials that will assist you in curating the perfect Pin-able fit...

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