Everything we know about 'The Idol' finale: theories and more

So what will happen to Jocelyn, Tedros and the like? Here's all the intel about 'The Idol' finale

When is The Idol finale? Pictured: Lily-Rose Depp HBO The Idol Season 1 - Episode 4
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After much confusion, The Idol finale is upon us, and it looks like Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) is headed for even more turbulence than before. 

Since the show's inception, The Idol controversy has been a hot topic of conversation, and the performances have been widely criticized. Given all that's transpired since the June 4 premiere, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the provocative HBO series is wrapping up with drama, too. 

Here's what's going on and how you can catch the final stint of Jocelyn's comeback. 

When is 'The Idol' finale?

Tune in for The Idol ending on Sunday, July 2 at 9pm ET on HBO. 

The untitled fifth and final episode, according to reports, will showcase a new dynamic between Jocelyn and Tedros (played by The Weeknd) as the pop star attempts to gain more control in her relationship, seemingly while everyone else around her becomes alarmingly concerned about her tour. We knew Tedros wasn't trustworthy before, but it seems we'll be completely convinced once things officially wrap up. 

"Piece by piece, week by week, we’ll reveal who he [Tedros] is," The Weeknd told GQ. "But he’s what you see on screen. He’s definitely a challenge. He’s despicable, a psychopath—why sugarcoat it?"

What will happen in 'The Idol' finale?

Of course, HBO isn't going spill the beans before July 2, but actress Da'Vine Joy Randolph, who plays Jocelyn's manager Destiny, told Variety ahead of the episode release: "Everything hasn't been revealed. A lot of subtleties have been put into place that if people go back once it ends and rewatch it, there have been many Easter eggs and some stuff put in there that sets things up for season 2."

"Based on what people have seen so far, they have formed these ideas, but I think it will be very interesting to see how people respond to this last episode and see how things turn. It’s going to show you something different that we haven’t seen in a while," she continued. 

Fan theories for 'The Idol' finale

Of course, given how much the show has dominated conversation since premiering, it's no surprise that viewers have taken to social media to gossip and theorize how they think the season will wrap up.

Why was there controversy surrounding 'The Idol' finale?

Although the explicit content has been a talking point, the show's ending, in particular, became an issue because it was originally supposed to be six episodes, not five. 

Though HBO had promoted The Idol as a six-episode series, viewers abruptly found out that the July 2 episode would be its last, and it definitely confused those tuning in about how the storyline would be affected. When the internet learned the news, people took to social media to suggest that the backlash is what caused the show to end early. However, in that GQ interview, The Weeknd calls his controversial project a "five-hour film." And it premiered at Cannes as a five-episode series. 

Though it's not terribly clear what really transpired and if there is any truth to those rumors circulating newsfeeds, one thing is certain: July 2 is the end of the road for Jocelyn. Is The Idol cancelled now that season 1 is soon-to-be in the books? That's another great question. 

Page Six reported on June 15 that The Idol would not be returning for a sophomore installment. That was also seemingly a rumor, as a source came in to clarify the situation at the time: “The door is definitely still open—it’s definitely not a decision [yet]. At this point, this is normal in our process…we’re only two episodes in.” 

We might be parting ways with Jocelyn, we might not be, but before we learn the fate of the Sam Levinson project, catch the fifth episode on Sunday, July 2 at 9pm Eastern on HBO and Max.

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