Dating apps all agree this is one summer trend singles are *dying* to explore

You'll want to pack your bags for this one

What is wanderlove? Pictured: woman on a swingset on the beach by herself in a white outfit
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Wanderlust? More like wanderlove. 

This summer, singles are in search of a plus one for their solo travels, and they're ready to dive into new and unexpected connections, even if they aren't permanent. According to Bumble, over half of the app users have expressed interest in a vacation romance, which begs the question: is your passport ready?

What is 'wanderlove'? All about the dating trend

According to Bumble, "wanderlove" is seeking a relationship with someone from a different culture while abroad, and it encourages singles to explore their sexual side (with consent and safety, of course). 

Likewise, eharmony's Gen Z Dating Diaries reveals that the age group is in the middle of a sex boom and an increase in "expirationships" because they're often looking for someone while they're busy traveling during the vacation season. 

"Some people try out a new type to see how they vibe with someone who they never would have considered in the past (untyping)," eharmony relationship expert Laurel House told us. "Others are interested in exploring themselves and they feel more comfortable testing their boundaries and trying new things when they are partnered as opposed to on their own."

Plus, she noted that the daring factor is a huge bonus to some.

"Vacation relationships are very vacuum-centric and more wild and carefree when daters sexually explore and test their limits, because on vacation they are more apt to try new things, have more fun, and live fully in the moment," she added. "There’s no shame in the summer fling game as long as both parties are clear and cool with the expiration-intended ending."

(Again, we note that comfort and consent are all non-negotiable factors, so if there's spontaneous sex in your future, see what our sexperts say about keeping safe.)

Where are singles traveling this summer? 

This year, the top five vacation spots—and potential locales for romance—according to Bumble include:

  • 1.      Greek Islands (Santorini, Rhodes, Hydra) 
  • 2.      Balearic Islands, Spain (Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera) 
  • 3.      Paris, France 
  • 4.      Amalfi Coast, Italy 
  • 5.      Lisbon, Portugal 

Tips for exploring your 'wanderlove'

It might not be terribly easy to form a connection with someone when there is a language barrier and you're unfamiliar with different social cues in another culture. We get it, there are a few hurdles to jump through. 

Expert linguist Natalie Braber revealed to Bumble that travelers should aim to learn the basics, not stress too much about perfection and immerse themselves entirely in whatever location they decide to explore, all of which ensure to deepen any connection you make.

“Travelling abroad is an exciting opportunity to open your mind to new experiences," she said. "Trying to learn short phrases or words can help break down the language barrier when dating or meeting people from another country, whilst also showing interest and willingness which can be an attractive quality."

You might have to go the extra mile, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It just shows your interest. 

"Whilst we mainly communicate with our voices, body language is just as important, particularly when communicating abroad," she added. "To help build rapport, make sure to use hand gestures and clear facial expressions to help avoid any miscommunication."

So, with all this in mind, where will you be venturing? Do make sure to keep safety at the forefront, and when possible, keep loved ones aware of your location. Always trust your gut and figure out what services are available to help you, should an emergency arise.

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