Is Harry Styles' 'Daylight' about a certain ex?

What's going here, Harry Styles? 'Daylight' has already been taken...

harry styles performing bubble of taylor swift
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Harry Styles' "Daylight" is hogging the spotlight, and the singer's new album is still hours away from its release. 

Although he's turned heads in the intimate Don't Worry Darling trailer, Styles' equally personal new track list from Harry's House is piquing our interest at the moment. We couldn't help but notice that the British singer seemingly has the same song title as his famous ex, Miss Taylor Swift.

She concluded her 2019 Lover album with "Daylight." Hmm. What's the meaning of this?

In conversation with Spotify, Swift said, "I chose 'Daylight' as the last song on the album because it recognizes past damage and pain but shows that it doesn't have to define you."

Since we all know how her union with Harry went down—and we have "Trouble" stuck in our heads on repeat as a result—we're curious if Harry's lil' coincidence was not a coincidence at all. 

Luckily for fans, Howard Stern decided to address the elephant in the room. 

Is Harry Styles' 'Daylight' about Taylor Swift?

"I think it's more of an infatuation of chasing troubled things," Styles revealed to Stern on May 18, two days before Harry's House drops. 

Of course, Stern pressed on during the interview and wanted to know specifics, particularly if there was a connection to Swift. (Someone had to ask.) 

"Here we go," Styles joked. "You're reading too much into it. I'd love to tell you you're spot on, but no, sorry."

Guess we'll just have to keep guessing until Styles gives us the scoop. 

If you're anxious to hear "Daylight," "Late Night Talking," "Cinema," and the rest of his new album, tune in for the Harry Styles NYC performance, which is streaming exclusively on Apple Music on May 20, the same day the album will be released.

Although it goes without saying, we're burning our Cool Girl Candles' "Smells Like Harry Styles" candle as we speak and prepping our best crochet top for the concert...which we're watching from our house. 

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