Wait, are Kylie and Stassie more than just friends? The two address *those* dating rumors

'I always make out with Stass,' Kylie reveals in 'The Kardashians' season 3 finale

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Are these childhood BFFs something more? Kylie Jenner and Stassie Karanikolaou have known each other since their tweens, but has their connection evolved into a friends-to-lovers relationship

The Kardashians season 3 is wrapping up on Thursday, July 27 on Hulu, and during the final hoorah, we can expect a peek inside these buzzy rumors. Was that whole Kylie/Timothée Chalamet pairing just a diversion courtesy of Momager Kris Jenner? 

Are Kylie and Stassie actually dating?

In conversation with Kendall and Scott Disick on The Kardashians season finale, Kylie revealed that she and Stassie are not an item, despite what tabloids and their behavior might suggest. 

“The whole internet thinks Stass and I are dating now. I always make out with Stass, I don’t know why this is a new thing,” Kylie said. 

Considering Kylie and Travis Scott are no longer an item, and the fact that Kylie and Jordyn Woods have reignited their friendship, it did seem possible that there was room for romance for the youngest Kar-Jenner—just not with her dearest friend. Later in the episode, the chummy pals laugh about the rumors together. 

"Isn’t it so funny that everyone thinks we are dating these days? When we get a little alcohol in our system and we just like to kiss and stuff?” Kylie asked Stassie. “All my comments are, ‘We know you guys are having sex.’ And we are not. I wish we were. It definitely would have been easier if I was actually attracted to you.”

Likewise, Stassie joked that she and her cosmetics queen BFF are just "obsessed" with one another. Since the rumors have been squashed and the flirty behavior is attributed to a few cocktails, we will go ahead and assume that Kylie is still "untyping" this summer with her never-would-have-guessed-it potential partner, Willy Wonka star Timothée Chalamet. 

And no offense to the beauty mogul, but our eyes are actually on her older sis: Are Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny still an item? Why is the famous family keeping this pairing on the down low? Have the two overcome their language barrier? We have so many questions. 

Watch this space for any future developments!

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