Apparently, the key to mind-blowing orgasms is all in your genes

Yes, DNA says orgasms are inherited, according to a shocking study

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Just like blue eyes or wavy hair, toe-curling orgasms are inherited, so fingers crossed that your DNA acts accordingly. 

Though that doesn't mean you should do away with foreplay ideas or the best app-controlled vibrators, it is certainly interesting to think that science plays a part in the big O

A 2005 study from St. Thomas’ Hospital and Keele University is making a resurgence following the premiere of Good Luck to You, Leo Grande on Hulu, and it focuses on female pleasure. According to the research, genetics account for 60% of a women's ability to achieve orgasm. So, not only does your S.O. come into play, but so do your parents, a fact we'd prefer not to dwell on. 

Orgasms are inherited, study says

So, what exactly does this study entail? There were 683 sets of identical twins and 714 sets of nonidentical twins between the ages of 19 and 83 who were asked two questions: 

  • How frequently do you orgasm during intercourse?
  • How frequently do you orgasm during masturbation (solo or with a partner)?

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The response was less than 25% for both Q's. Further exploration indicated that identical twins share a DNA code, so external factors are likely to contribute to their differences. Nonidentical twins only share half of their DNA, so genetics and external factors both play a role in their differences. 

The bottom line

"Just because you don’t get an orgasm from a piece of sexual activity doesn’t mean it should be overlooked," Annabelle Knight, sex expert at Lovehoney, previously told My Imperfect Life. 

Though a mind-blowing finish is often regarded as the main goal, couples should not look towards outside info or perceived expectations for validation. In the end, it all comes down to what works well for you and makes you happy.

That being said, should you want to take things up a notch under the sheets, have a look at these sexpert-backed sex tips

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