Hilarious Pete Davidson memes prove that everyone's obsessed with King of Staten Island's love life

'If you're in line to date Pete Davidson, STAY IN LINE'

Pete Davidson during an SNL skit
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Pete Davidson memes and commentary are on the rise now that the comedians' dating history has a new addition. 

Rumors surfaced that he and Emily Ratajkowski are an item after the two were spotted out in New York City, though their romance is allegedlly at "the beginning stages." Everyone's patiently standing by, scanning feeds and waiting for images to surface. But alas, onlookers are going to have to exercise some patience. 

Earlier this year, the former SNL cast member split from Kim Kardashian, initially a duo no one saw coming. Prior to falling for the SKIMS founder, Davidson had been linked to many leading ladies, including Kaia Gerber, Kate Beckinsale, Phoebe Dynevor and Ariana Grande, to name just a few. 

And it appears the waitlist keeps on growing (even Dionne Warwick has claimed a spot). Now that this new romance is in the spotlight, the internet has been quick to respond.

Pete Davidson memes

Have a chuckle with a few of these sentiments. 

Check your girl's phone...

It's possible Pete's saved in your girlfriend's contacts. Just do a quick scan.

'It's your right'

As it turns out, dating Pete Davidson is not a privilege, it's a right.

Dionne Warwick chimes in

The icon is claiming her spot, so move over Emily. 

Even brands are chiming in

Top companies and national sports teams have something to say. 

Pete and Marilyn

This probably wouldn't come as a shock.

Super sleuthing

One savvy TikToker unearthed a video of Emily gushing over Pete on Seth Myers' talk show. Perhaps she was manifesting something? If this isn't foreshadowing, we're not sure what is.


you NEED to hear Emily Ratajkowski GUSH over Pete Davidson 🤯🤯🤯

♬ Suspense (Tension, Build Up, Dramatic, Action, Suspenseful) - Tensionmakers

Following Pete's lead

Pete is definitely giving off "I'll have what he's having" energy. His peers are taking notes.


♬ original sound - The Talk

'Learn from him, maybe?'

Perhaps there's something to be said about cracking jokes and treating women well.

Pete, the internet is standing by to see what happens next.

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