'Squid Game' Halloween costume ideas that'll secure you a victory in any contests

These 'Squid Game' Halloween costumes are still guaranteed to be the talk of the 2022 party

Squid Game guards
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Squid Game Halloween costumes are a bit of a no-brainer for 2022 as the spooky show continues to be one of Netflix's most-streamed shows, ever.

Not only does the Korean drama's colorful wardrobe translate into very easy Halloween costumes for adults—think major looks with minimal effort—but the show's popularity begs for an IRL detective Jun Ho and Kang Sae-Byeok at your October 31 get-together.

Whether you opt to be a Squid Games player, a pink-clad guard, or even the Red Light, Green Light doll, there are plenty of looks from the Netflix hit to choose from. With ensembles that might convince friends you're an extra on the show, there's no way you'll be eliminated from the top costume contest contenders. (If only players didn't have to worry about elimination...)

The best 'Squid Game' Halloween costume ideas for 2022

Although outfits abound on the likes of Amazon, don't forget to peruse SquidGameGear.com (opens in new tab) for the best of the best—plus there are accessories to enhance your costume, including playing cards, marbles, and the Honeycomb cookie. 

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1. Squid Game contestant

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Squid Game Costume Tracksuit Sportwear 4-Piece Outfit Set: RRP $46/€27.99

Are you competing in the Squid Game? You'll certainly look like it. Don the players' green garb with this four-piece set that includes a T-shirt, sweatpants, a jacket and a face mask to polish it off. 

2. Squid Game guard

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Cabemin Squid Game Cosplay Jumpsuit: RRP $44.99/£30

You'll determine players' fate with this get-up, a red, full-body polyester jumpsuit with a plastic mask. Sizes range from XXS to XXL, while the MLYX brand sold in the UK ranges in size from S to XXL.

3. Red light, green light doll

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Coral A-line Dress: RRP $25.88/£26.68

To look like the Red Light, Green Light Doll, you'll have to improvise a bit: Finding a scoop-neck peach dress is the first step. Place a yellow top underneath, put your hair in braids and find a few clips for good measure. If you have a kid in tow, there is a girls' costume (opens in new tab)available.

Be sure to catch up on Squid Game on Netflix during spooky season as it's the perfect creepy, surreal drama to get you in the festive spirit. If you need us, we'll be getting our masks and patiently waiting for Squid Game season 2

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