A new study reveals 'digital dealbreakers' in the dating world—which one irks you the most?

From online shopping to porn consumption, can digital dealbreakers stop a relationship before it starts?

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We all have dating dealbreakersdigital dealbreakers are but a small component. 

According to new research, our ever-growing Amazon wishlist and mastering of TikTok trends (hello, red wine makeup) could apparently be detrimental when it comes to our love lives. 

Too much time behind a screen has the possibility to turn those beige flags red and sabotage a relationship. So, we ask you this: is it time to put down the phone (at least for a little while)?

What are the biggest digital dealbreakers in relationships?

RANT Casino surveyed 3,000 people in the U.K. to uncover which online obsessions are the biggest turn-offs to people in relationships. Can you guess what they are, perhaps from experience? 

Per the survey results, the top digital turnoffs—and the percentage of respondents who would break up because of them—are as follows: 

  • Online porn, at 32.97% of respondents
  • OnlyFans, at 18.30%
  • Online gambling, at 18.23%
  • Online shopping, at 10.23%
  • Online gaming, at 8.47%
  • Working (on a laptop or computer), at 3.47%
  • TikTok use, at 3.47%
  • Instagram use, at 2.47%
  • YouTube use, at 2.20%

Social media use comes in at the bottom of the pack and according to the findings, most people aren’t fazed by FYPs and newsfeeds: TikTok was only given as the top reason for calling it quits by 3.47% of participants, followed by Instagram at 2.67%, and finally Youtube at 2.20%.

Given that social media has practically taken on a life in itself, we're not surprised that people aren't terribly concerned with it. However, one contender irks people of all backgrounds: online porn was the number one answer given for digital dealbreakers, across every region and age range for both men and women, according to RANT Casino. 

Oddly enough, sexperts say watching porn together with your significant other is actually encouraged. Findings from the Frontiers in Psychology suggest that those pairs who watch NSFW material with one another experienced a higher relationship and sexual satisfaction than partners who do not or who only view such content solo. Think this realization will change the survey results? 

Rounding out the dealbreakers are online habits like gambling, shopping (guilty!), gaming and, at a lesser level, working on a computer. (Can't really help that these days, huh?) 

So, where do you stand on these virtual no-nos?

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