What are 'beige flags'? This hilarious TikTok trend will make you feel so much better about your own dating quirks

Time to wave the 'beige flag,' meaning it's time to admit that we all have some pretty...odd mannerisms

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Don't mind us: we're just scoping out our FYPs for beige flags, meaning we're pleased to learn that we're not the only ones with some...peculiar habits.  

Daters have taken to TikTok to commiserate over the red flags that have stopped them dead in their tracks. Plus, they've shared green flags—the preferred color, obviously—that have brought them lasting happiness. 

Then, you have...beige. The rather dull pigment has had a few meanings on social media, but let's take a look at what the latest trending hashtags on TikTok currently mean for the hue and our love lives.  

'Beige flag' meaning: are they good or bad?

In 2022, spotting beige flags on TikTok essentially meant that certain characteristics made you boring, basic and blah. How flattering! Then mid on TikTok swooped in, hence giving beige flags a new identity. 

Today, beige flags are an in-between of red flags and green flags; they're not dating deal breakers, but rather odd little quirks that you notice in a partner or yourself. They'll make you raise an eyebrow, but nothing more. Basically, we all have 'em. (Personally, I tend to reorganize anything my boyfriend leaves about, or anything in the general vicinity.) 

When speaking about zodiac signs' compatibility, astrologer Michelle Bell, the found of Cosmic Fusion, said, "Both individuals need to be willing to understand and appreciate each other's personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses." The same can be said for when beige flags come into play, because one thing's for certain—this shade isn't going anywhere.

Our favorite 'beige flags' on TikTok :

Though I'm guilty of channeling Marie Kondo at every chance I get, there are plenty of other LOL-worthy beige flags, as evidenced on social media. Check out a few that made us giggle, which were accompanied by some stellar jazz music. ("Summer Background Jazz" for those who are curious and want in on the trend.) 

1. Impromptu laughs

What did we tell you about the laughs? This TikToker says her girlfriend will randomly start chuckling all by her lonesome. For no reason.


♬ original sound - TheSunAndStarsAreGay

2. No IMDB, major problem

One TikToker confesses that she won't be able to watch a movie until she's uncovered all the facts on IMDB. (Oh, and her fella is afraid of astronauts.) 



♬ Summer Background Jazz - Jazz Background Vibes

3. A no spitball zone

While heights and clowns seem like a pretty common fear, one woman confessed that she finds rolled-up balls frightening: aluminum foil, paper—it doesn't matter the material, they're all terrifying. 


♬ Summer Background Jazz - Jazz Background Vibes

4. Organized socks

My inner organizer loves the fact that this TikToker's boyfriend pins his socks together. AND he's never lost a single pair. Kudos, my friend.


♬ Summer Background Jazz - Jazz Background Vibes

5. Rain means horror movies

Any chance of precipitation means this TikToker is curling up in bed with a horror movie—no questions asked. Girl, same. (Rain or shine.) 


♬ Summer Background Jazz - Jazz Background Vibes

6. A fear of Venom

One woman reveals that Venom from Spider-Man is her irrational fear. Who needs those clowns when he's in area, right?


♬ Summer Background Jazz - Jazz Background Vibes

So, what are a few of your beige flags? Your partner's? Let's wave the green flag to let TikTok know to keep the anecdotes coming. 

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