Topshop is selling horoscope jeans for every zodiac sign

Wear your zodiac sign with pride

A general view of a Topshop store on June 5, 2019 in London
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Do your mornings start with a notifications from your co-star app to help set the tone for the day? Do you categorically refuse to date anyone your horoscope tells you you're not compatible with? If the answer to both is yes and  you're as astrology obsessed as we are, then Topshop has just launched the perfect jeans for you. 

The retail giant has introduced a new range of horoscope jeans meaning you can now wear your zodiac sign as well as living by it. Yep, that's right. Topshop's new mid blue horoscope mom jeans are available worldwide as well as online, and as you can expect, they're pretty chic. 

VIEW NOW: Horoscope jeans, £39.99 ($75), Topshop

There is a pair for each of the twelve signs, all of which are embroidered with a unique constellation on the back pocket, and the name of the zodiac sign subtly displayed below it.

Commenting on the new range of jeans, Topshop said: "Our latest Topshop denim is inspired by the horoscope world, for a look that is written in the stars and adds a unique style. Our high rise, tapered leg mom jeans are designed in mid blue authentic denim with star sign on back pocket. We forecast a fashionable future with our personalised pair."

The jeans, which are priced at £39.99 ($75), seem to already be a huge hit among shoppers online judging by the limited stock available at the moment. But who can blame them? If ever there was a way to wear your horoscope, this is it. However, if you hurry you could still bag a pair, depending on how popular your zodiac sign is.

According to research, September is the most common birth month which means you'll have to act fast if you're a Virgo. On the flip side, the least common zodiac sign is Aquarius, so you might have better luck. Although we wouldn't push it if you really want the jeans!

Sagal Mohammed

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