This winged eyeliner hack will change your life

Thank you TikTok for serving up the best winged eyeliner hack for the holidays

winged eyeliner
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Bobby pins are like Spanx - they keep everything hoicked up. But we never thought they could also create the slickest winged eyeliner look we've ever come across.  

According to a TikTok video posted by  @annnakra, a professional makeup artist, all you need is a bobby pin and a liquid eyeliner to stamp the outline of a cat eye flick on the corner of your eyes. 

Suddenly in 15 short seconds our make-up world stopped spinning on its axis. THIS is all it takes to get perfect symmetrical wings when you have an overactive eyelid and unsteady hand? Seriously?


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Some pointers to get you started. We recommend you use a heavily pigmented liquid eyeliner that comes in a brush rather than felt tip pen format as there will be more product to deposit onto the bobby pin. 

There's nothing to say your liquid eyeliner has to be black, though - a slash of bright liner can look just as chic.

Overall, matte liners create a more dramatic effect; metallic textures are softer. Purple flatters all eye colours while gold looks particularly stand out on dark skin.

Then, you simply coat the open end of the bobby pin in liner. Line up the bobby pin to the outer corner of your eye, making sure your flick doesn't dip below the lower lash line as this can drag the area down.

Press down - and voila, a hollowed out winged shape! Extend it if you like, colour it in and repeat on the other eye.

Consider this the equivalent of cookie-cutter winged eyeliner as the bobby pin will mirror the exact same shape and size of cat eye flick on the opposite eye.

Then all that's left to do is to draw along the lash line to join up the wing to the inner corner of your eye. Make-up artist, James Molloy recommends taking the liner as close to the lashes as possible.

"If it still looks gappy, take a black kohl eye pencil and use it to tightline and fill in any areas where you skin is showing through," he says. "This has the added benefit of making your lashes look fuller."

One word: genius. Especially now that Ariana Grande has made 60s liner go viral.