'The Flight Attendant' season 2: ready to catch up with Cassie?

We have liftoff: Cassie is coming back for a new and unexpected adventure

Kaley Cuoco as Cassie in the Flight Attendant on HBO Max
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We have liftoff: The Flight Attendant season 2 is ready and will soon touch down for landing. Of course, we're all looking forward to reuniting with Cassie. 

While the likes of the Bridgerton love triangle and The Ultimatum reunion have kept us laser-focused on matters of the heart, Kaley Cuoco's hit flirts with espionage and gives us a little break from the romance. Truthfully, we kind of need it. 

In the show's debut season, we encounter flight attendant, Cassie, who is struggling with alcoholism and has an affair with a first-class passenger. The material is heavy, and matters only get more intense when Cassie wakes up in a hotel room next to a deceased man with no recollection of occurrences.

The series created award buzz and plenty of fans were intrigued with the plot, so much so that Cuoco was afraid to pursue another chapter. 

"Season one was good, so I was very nervous to do a season two. I was like, ‘Guys, let’s just leave it, it’s good. Let’s run away, let’s get out of here," she confessed to The Hollywood Reporter

But the team wasn't ready to let the story go. 

"We knew we had to be better, and it was definitely bigger," Cuoco further said about the sophomore installment. 

If you're curious what awaits, we're now boarding. 

'The Flight Attendant' season 2 trailer

"I have worked so hard to build this new life, and I'm holding onto it with everything that I have," Cassie declares. 

Though she is trying to move in a positive direction, it seem like fate might have other ideas in mind. Will she get the peace and happiness she's looking for?

"I'm one tiny accident away from a complete collapse." Here's hoping. 

'The Flight Attendant' season 2 release date

For an adventure you won't want to miss, tune in on April 21 when the sophomore season makes its way over to HBO Max. Subscription plans start at $9.99 per month, and you can sign up below. 

What is 'The Flight Attendant' season 2 about?

Now that we're catching up with Cassie once more, she's trying to turn things around. She's not drinking, work has been going well and there's a man in her life. Oh, and one tiny detail: she's an asset for the CIA. 

The story takes us from New York to Los Angeles and then overseas to Iceland and Berlin.

Zosia Mamet, who plays Annie, told THR: "I felt like the thriller aspect of it was just ratcheted up in this immense way. I felt like they were cracking open each character in this really amazing way as well and delving deeper into everyone’s personal storyline."

While Cassie is attempting to keep everything pristine, it appears she has a bigger problem on her hands. Will everything be able to fall into place?

season one of the flight attendant with kaley cuoco

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Speaking of personal storylines, actors Megan (Rosie Perez), Miranda (Michelle Gomez) and Davey (T.R. Knight) are set to make a comeback to the HBO Max hit. We're all anxious to see what this bold new chapter has in store for everyone.

Alexa, cancel our plans: we have a show that requires our attention. 

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