Topicals skincare: everything to know about the new brand you're seeing all over Instagram

Here's what you need to know about new brand Topicals skincare, from products to pricing...

Topicals Skincare models
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If you're on social media, you've probably noticed a brand called Topicals skincare popping up on your feed. We're talking ingredients-led products, relatable models and a fun, bright color scheme. What's not to love? 

Launched in August 2020, the brand is on a mission to change the way we think about our skin and redefine what "good skin" actually means. As part of their ongoing GOOD SKIN campaign, which launched this month, you'll also find models with visible skin conditions all over their social media accounts. We love to see it.

Intrigued? We hear ya. Here's everything you need to know about Topicals skincare, from the founders and their mission statement to the products and their pricing. 

What is Topicals Skincare? 

Described as "Funner Flare Ups", Topicals was founded by Olamide Olowe and Claudia Tengs and offers what they describe as "medical botanicals". The products are all research-backed and only contain ingredients that are scientifically proven to benefit skin in clinical studies. So far there are two products, which target blemishes/uneven skin and dryness/sensitivity respectively; they are completely free of dyes and fragrance and never tested on animals. 

The aim? To transform the way we think about skin, recognizing that it's tied up in confidence levels and mental health. Both founders grew up with chronic skin conditions, so it's a mission that's very close to their hearts. 

"As women of color who've always had skin that didn't look like what we saw in our favorite TV commercials and magazines, we grew up thinking there was such a thing as 'perfect skin' & that we had to have it," the pair write on the brand's website. "Now we know that you make skin good - not the other way around."

Topicals Faded Brightening and Clearing Gel, $36

Topicals Faded Brightening and Clearing Gel, $36

A gel-slash-serum that works to fade stubborn spots and scars ands smooth textured skin. Key ingredients are azelaic acid, niacinamide and tranexamic acid.

Topicals Like Butter, $32

Topicals Like Butter, $32

A thick mask designed for dry skin and conditions like eczema, containing colloidal oatmeal, green tea and tumeric to soothe skin. 

Topicals Duo Bundle, $56 (worth $68)

Topicals Duo Bundle, $56 (worth $68)

One of each of the brand's two products, Faded and Like Butter, with a cheaper price tag.

As well as shopping the two products, Faded and Like Butter, above, you can also fill out the brand's online skincare quiz to get a personalised "skincare star chart" in your inbox.

Topicals also donates 1% of all profits to mental health organizations, having donated $10,000 so far to initiatives like Therapy for Black Girls, Fearless Femmes 101 and Sad Girls Club. 

Don't know about you, but we're excited to see what this brand does next!

Lucy Abbersteen

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