What will dating look like in 2022? These are the dating trends to get to know

Romance is getting a makeover

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2021 saw the rise of dating trends like haunting, thanks to us all relying heavily on dating apps and virtual dates because of the pandemic. But the dating world is ever-changing, which can be a blessing when it comes to potentially bidding farewell to toxic trends like 'cookie jarring' and 'situationships'. So with another new year on the horizon—what are the 2022 dating trends coming our way?

While dating is never very straightforward, being armed with the knowledge of all the latest trends can help prepare you for a new dating season. You’ll be able to weed out the game players, and hopefully, find someone who matches your wants and needs—yay!

So let's dive right into what’s coming our way in the dating pool for 2022…

1. Exploridating

According to Bumble, alongside the new trends like 'Fast Forwarding,' and the rise of Power PDA,  we’ll also see the emergence of ‘Exploridating.’

Put simply it’s dating people you’ve never typically dated before. It's about being open to dating someone with different interests and likes, compared to what you usually gravitate towards.

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When surveyed, 48% of Bumble users said during the pandemic they began to question their ‘types’ and 43% said they would now describe their approach to dating as ‘exploratory.’

2.  Consciously Single 

The pandemic led to a lot of people going through breakups and finding that actually they are content and okay with staying single. This has led to many being more intentional and mindful about who and when they want to date.

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Rather than seeing being single as a bad thing (which it absolutely is not) people are now seeing the benefits of being alone and loving it. 

3. Dry dating

Say goodbye to liquid courage on first dates, Bumble has found that users, especially Gen-Z’s are actually moving away from boozy dates, opting instead for ‘#soberdating’ like coffee dates. 

In fact, 1 in 3 (34%) people are now more likely to consider going on a ‘dry date’ than they were pre-pandemic.  

4. Political compatibility

In general, OkCupid has predicted a major dating boom for the new year, with many singles wanting to get back in the game. As well as this, you’ll find that your political views are becoming more important than ever.

OkCupid has found that singles are looking for people who match their political and social views. They said there has been a 10% increase in political terms in user profiles in 2021, and they think it will only increase in 2022.

It makes sense, as compatibility when it comes to your political views is super important for a functional and harmonious relationship.

5. Vaccine Status

According to LoveHoney, being fully vaccinated is your sexiest quality. According to Ness Cooper from The Sex Consultant who has partnered with the brand, singles will be looking for partners who are being safe and will be able to accompany them to things like concerts and restaurants.

It's also about the physical contact side, with daters being keener to connect with those who are fully vaccinated.

6, The rise of double dates

Ness says double dates will likely become more common in 2022. She said: "There’s still hesitation on hooking-up and casual dating that double dates will be on the rise as we still try and keep things within our social “bubbles." 

7. Exploring Sexuality

After nearly two years of basically being stuck inside, many have become way more open with their sexuality, whether it’s trying out the best-app controlled vibrators, or trying new sex positions like the pillow sex tip with long-term or new partners. 

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OkCupid says they’ve seen a 17% increase in BDSM terms in user profiles for women over the past year. As well as a 14% increase in users saying they’re open to trying new things in bed!

So the good news is that 2022 may be a very satisfying and exciting year for singles and couples alike!

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