This pillow sex tip is going viral—here's everything you need to know about the *steamy* move

This pillow sex tip is making the rounds on TikTok and could very well take your bedroom antics to the next level...

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Looking to throw a new move into your sexual repertoire? Well, please turn your attention to TikTok's pillow sex tip, which promises to up your pleasure and comfort —all at once.

Much like the viral speed bump sex position, this beloved move requires nothing more than you, your partner and a plush pillow or sex pillow, depending on your preference (although you can, of course, also incorporate a few of the best app-controlled vibrators too). And since we know, for a fact that sex is important for our health—with bad sex negatively impacting our mental and physical health, any recommendations we can get to keep on having mind-blowing roll-arounds are very welcome. 

So, here's everything you need to know about the popular and surprisingly minimal-effort move...

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What is the pillow sex tip from TikTok?

It's true when we say that TikTok hasn't just become our go-to for all things beauty and style, like the balletcore but also for relationships intel—whether it's sussing out the 'boyfriend air' theory, the mascara trend, or some new sex tips—and right now, users are currently obsessed with a pillow sex tip.

And while we're already in the know about the best sex positions based on our star signs, and the best sex positions when you have menstrual cramps, what is this TikTok-approved pillow move?

Well, in a now-deleted video, user @sassyrededu2 depicted the pillow trick in a video that at the time of posting, accumulated over 1.4 million likes. In the clip, she used a model pelvis and showed that placing a pillow underneath your lower back will tilt your pelvis up for extra pleasure and deeper penetration.

Put simply, the move is very similar to the speed bump but reversed. So instead of being on your front (as the receiver) with the pillow under your stomach, you're lying on your back with the pillow situated underneath your lower back and hips, so your pelvis is titled slightly upward. This increases G-spot stimulation and it's safe to say, many TikTok users are fans of the simple, but effective move...


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Sex and relationship expert at, Pippa Murphy says individuals trying the speed bump variation should, "place a pillow underneath themselves as this is vital for the ‘speed bump’ shape, however, this isn’t done just for comfort—but for pleasure too. This position makes it easier for the giver to hit their partner's G-spot, therefore, increasing the chances of reaching a climax."

Murphy also adds that the move is perfect for anyone seeking an intimate and close position and recommends that the penetrator touches and kisses the receiver's erogenous zones, as these are "highly sensitive areas that cause instant sexual stimulation,"—the same goes for this pillow under the hips move.

A pillow, when it comes to the bedroom it seems, can be very versatile indeed, as you can use it during moves like missionary, spooning and even lying-down doggy.

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Another perk of this trick is that it can be used solo, with the best hands-free vibrators, as well as with a partner. 

So if you’re looking for a way to spice things up, this is a great, easy trick to try. But remember everyone’s different and it's all about personal preference. Although this may increase the sexy feels for some, it might not for others—and that’s okay! 

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