This pillow sex tip is driving people crazy

This one’s definitely worth a try…

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TikTok has become our go-to for the best hacks, especially when it comes to beauty tips and fashion trends—but who’d have thought we’d be getting sex tips from it too? Users are currently obsessed with a pillow sex tip, and we totally get the hype.

Sex is important for our health—we already know that bad sex affects our mental and physical health, so any tips we can get to keep on having mind-blowing sex are very welcome.

We know the best sex positions based on our star signs, and the best sex positions when you have menstrual cramps, but TikTokers are also swearing by this very simple pillow trick.

A sex educator on Tiktok, @sassyrededu2 has depicted the pillow trick in a video that now has over 1.4 million likes. In the video, she uses a model pelvis and shows that putting a pillow underneath you will tilt your pelvis up for extra pleasure and deeper penetration.

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How many of you have used a pillow for your down stairs time? #fypシ #RelationshipGoals #TipsAndTricks #sassyrededu

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She says: “When your partner asks or puts your pelvis on a pillow… keep them!”

The great thing about the pillow trick is not only is it comfy, but it’s also super versatile. You can have it under your pelvis for different variations on missionary or under your stomach when you’re lying on your front. It’s also perfect if you're tired and just want a quickie.

Her comments are full of users who either love this trick or have never heard of it before. 

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One says: “Don’t mind me, I’m just frantically taking notes.”

Another says: “Trying this tonight!” 

A seasoned pillow user adds: “Wait, people have never used pillows before? GURL. DO.IT!’

Another perk of this trick is that it can be used solo, with the best hands-free vibrators, as well as with a partner. 

So if you’re looking for a way to spice things up, this is a great, easy trick to try. But remember everyone’s different and it's all about personal preference. Although this may increase the sexy feels for some, it might not for others—and that’s okay! 

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