These AI-generated Barbies and Barbie houses for each state are dividing TikTok

TikTok has some *serious* thoughts about these 'Barbie' world AI-generated creations...

MARGOT ROBBIE as Barbie in Warner Bros. Pictures’ “BARBIE,” in a pink template
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Barbie the movie is fast approaching so it's no surprise that our FYPs are pretty pink these days—and that includes AI-generated Barbies for each state, along with their Barbie houses, supposedly illustrating what living in a literal Barbie world would look like but urm, TikTok has some thoughts...

Despite having all the Barbie movie memes and Barbie merch to tide us over until the film's life-changing release date (yes, it will be life-changing), Buzzfeed has taken it upon itself to take the Barbiecore trend one step further. Yes, on June 29, 2023, our feeds were flooded with AI-created Barbies from all 50 states of the US, along with their dream-house residences, courtesy of the publication.

Alas though, while you might have been hoping to live out your *delulu* plastic-fantastic fantasies based on your own zip codes, the Barbies and their pads have left fans somewhat divided...

The AI-generated Barbies for each state

Buzzfeed has shared what AI thinks a Barbie from each of the 50 states of America would look like IRL and naturally, as soon as these AI-generate pictures hit the internet, TikTok users were quick to share their reactions...


♬ original sound - Brielle Vassil

Sharing her thoughts on the dolls, TikToker @breillevassill was a huge fan of Alaska, Hawaii and California's Barbie dolls, while she said Connecticut's was giving Blair Waldorf. 

In the comments, the general consensus was also that Hawaii's doll wins—as one user quipped: "Hawaii ATE," while another also commented: "Minnesota is giving Elsa vibes...fitting."

Of course, some creations got a better reception than others, with Georgia locals feeling they'd been done dirty: "I demand a redo for GA!" 


♬ original sound - Brielle Vassil

Others felt New Jersey's doll was questionable, with one user quipping: "Why is New Jersey like that," with another adding: "Why is New Jersey Avril Lavigne?"

Virginia also got a bad rap, with one TikToker noting in the comments: "Virginia is as far from accurate as can be," as another user agreed, adding: "VA is so off and generic."

AI-generate Barbie houses 

The real stars of this Barbie-themed AI series though seemed to be the dream houses. The publication shared AI-generated Barbie houses for each state and like with the dolls, the internet has some thoughts...


♬ Spoiled! - Sabby Sousa

"I want the Delaware one," wrote one fan, meanwhile others were a little divided on the likes of Kentucky, Iowa and Indiana...

As one TikToker said: "There's more to Indiana than corn, come on," while another added: "They did Kentucky so bad." Cali's version was also a slight letdown, as many felt that should be the closest iteration to Barbie's OG home. 


♬ original sound - Brielle Vassil

In another video reacting to the state houses, some felt the Washington house was 'Barbie in Twilight' (we see it), while Hawaii was deemed the closest to Margot Robbie's pad from the Barbie trailer.

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