Are couples friskier on vacation? This new study reveals some interesting findings

It might be time to pack your bags

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If you need an incentive to pack your bags, this might do the trick. 

According to research, we are in a sexier state of mind while traveling with a S.O., so you'll want to make room in your luggage for the best sex toys for couples—they're just as necessary as your toiletries. 

Passport-Photo Online (opens in new tab) decided to poll 1,000+ Americans to uncover their sexy habits while on vacation, and it turns out spending more time focusing on things you enjoy makes activity between the sheets all the more pleasurable. Sounds like it might be time to familiarize yourself with a few travel hacks and book a getaway—that wanderlust is bound to kick in. 

Are couples friskier on vacation?

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When speaking to those people polled, Passport-Photo Online confirmed that the consensus is indeed that frisky activities are better when away from home. A good tip for how to get in the mood? A confirmation from 

Some of the findings are actually pretty eye-opening. Here's what the company uncovered. 

(Psst! Here are some stats about the methodology: respondents were 52.4% male, 47.4% female and 0.2% other. 14.6% of respondents were 25 or younger, 49.2% were aged 26–38, 25.8% were aged 39–54 and 10.4% were 55 or older.)

Is sex better when you're away from home?

A staggering 80% of participants feel as though sex is better when you're away from home. Guess that desire for adventure carries over into the bedroom, too. 

Does sex differ while traveling?

Everyone likes to up the ante while on vacation, as 72% of participants revealed they're more likely to experiment and act on their sexual fantasies when they're taking a trip. When in Rome—or literally anywhere else—right?

Favorite vacation sex accessories

While strategically packing that suitcase, couples are most likely to bring the following sex accessories: 

Where do people have sex while on vacation?

Although the hotel room seems like a no-brainer, some couples live a little more dangerously. Then, there are those trips that don't require a hotel room at all. Here's where pairs are most likely to get frisky while away: 

  • Hotel room (75%)
  • Shower/bathtub (65%)
  • Tent (60%)
  • Rental Car (39%)

Where do couples want to get down to business?

  • On a beach (51%)
  • In nature (49%)
  • In the ocean/sea (45%)

You can do a deep dive into the findings online (opens in new tab). So, about that tropical getaway...

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