Who is Ashley Park's boyfriend? Here's the romantic intel on the 'Joy Ride' star

She's been tied to a few co-stars, but who is the 'Emily in Paris' star with now?

Ashley Park blowing a kiss at a Joy Ride premiere
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Mindy Chen's love life is ever-evolving in Emily in Paris, but what is Ashley Park's boyfriend situation in real life?

The crooner is putting her musical chops on the back burner temporarily and showcasing her humor in Joy Ride, a raunchy answer to The Hangover with an all-Asian female cast. Now that the comedy has arrived in theaters (as of Friday, July 7), fans are curious to learn more about the star's love life—but they'll have to do quite a bit of digging. 

What is the Ashley Park boyfriend situation?

Although Ashley has been candid about many aspects of her life—struggling to find representation on the big screen, battling acute myeloid leukemia as a teen—she keeps romantic matters quite personal. The "La Vie en Rose" singer has been attached to a few co-stars, but don't expect her to share selfies on social media any time soon. What matters to her, above all else, is showing up in person. 

“I was always that person who wanted to give all of myself to other people, and that's what made me feel fulfilled,” she said in a new interview with People. “I don't want to be that person who is now not able to be there for other people. But then I realize the people that I care about, whether it’s my boyfriend or my friends, will never penalize me for not giving all of myself to them. They want to protect me as much as I want to protect them."

Though nothing has been confirmed or denied, the Broadway star was supposedly tied to Conrad Ricamora, her 2015 costar on The King & I, particularly when photos surfaced of the two off-stage enjoying a holiday in Montauk, New York and Disneyland. She was also supposedly tied to Zach Adkins in 2018. 

Some even suspected that she, not Emily (Lily Collins), had a romance with Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), who also likes to keep matters of the heart hush-hush. But most recently, fans suspect that she's in a relationship with West Side Story’s Benjamin Tyler Cook, whom she shared the stage with in Mean Girls on Broadway. 

Whoever this mystery man might be, he's definitely putting Ashley first. As mentioned in the Joy Ride lead's People interview, her fella showed up on set to support her, but Ashley kindly asked reporters to keep his identity anonymous. However, Mr. Mystery sounds like a thumbs-up in our book.

"I've just never been with someone so supportive,” she told the outlet. “And not supportive like, ‘Oh, that's so cool for you,’ but who genuinely feels happiness when I do.”

Considering it seems like Ashley's own personal joy ride in Hollywood is just beginning, we have a feeling we'll soon learn more about her romantic life. Watch this space! 

Until we know anything for certain, check out what other stars are up to: there are Jeremy Allen White/Selena Gomez dating rumors circulating, and people are very suspicious about SZA and Travis Scott. Oh, and of course we would never forget about those rumors of  Gigi Hadid dating Leonardo DiCaprio!

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