Who is 'Emily In Paris' star Lucas Bravo dating? Here's what we know

Fans of the hit Netflix show are dying to know who Lucas Bravo is dating—and new vacation photos might hold a clue

Emily in Paris. Lucas Bravo as Gabriel in episode 201 of Emily in Paris. Cr.
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Who is Lucas Bravo dating? That's been the question on many people's lips ever since they binge-watched Netflix's Emily In Paris and fell in love with Gabriel in Autumn 2020 —yes, it's over an entire year since the show first dropped and at last, we've been given the highly anticipated second season. 

Pretty much the world and his wife tuned in to watch the first season of the Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated series, which followed American Emily as she moved to Paris to pursue a dream career in marketing. We're talking a heavy dose of escapism mixed with Gossip Girl-worthy outfits.

The French actor-model plays Emily's love interest in the show, a chef named Gabriel who lives downstairs from the title character. As well as Netflix, you may also recognize him from a 2017 Chanel ad alongside Ellie Bamber.

As we binge season 2 and await news of Emily in Paris season 3, here's everything you need to know about Lucas...

“I don’t really like to watch myself, because I’m pretty hard on myself,” the actor told Harper's Bazaar in 2020. “Where anybody would see a funny scene or something cute or anything, I just see all the [faults] and all the things I could have done better.

“I love the show,” he added. “I thought it was great and was so proud of it, but I cannot watch myself.” Now that Emily In Paris season 2 has finally dropped, here's everything you need to know about the actor.

Who is Lucas Bravo's wife? Is he married?

Rest easy, Lucas Bravo is not married. Whether he's dating someone on the down-low, however, is still to be seen. Without any official public confirmation, as far as we know he is single.

Is Lucas Bravo dating Alba Baptista?

Again, no official confirmation, but Twitter fans are very hopeful that Lucas Bravo and Alba Baptista are dating. "Why do I feel like Lucas Bravo and Alba Baptista are dating? I–" writes one, while others have been checking for similarities in their social media updates. 

Speaking of social media updates, on May 18th, Bravo posted an Instagram story seemingly while on holiday in Comporta, Portugal with one Ms. Baptista and fellow Portuguese actress Joana Ribeiro. Whether it's just a platonic vacation with friends or a romantic getaway, the Bravo and Baptista look plenty chummy in the snaps. 

The pair worked together on a remake of Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, alongside Jason Isaacs and Lesley Manville, which will reportedly premiere in February 2022. 

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Baptista is a Portuguese-Brazilian actress, who began her career in Portugal where she starred in a number of telenovelas. In 2020, she landed her first Netflix gig, starring as the lead in the streaming platform's drama, Warrior Nun. She has a big fanbase in Portugal and even appeared on the cover of GQ Portugal in September 2020. Now that she's starring alongside Bravo in the remake of Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, her fame is only set to grow.  

They could be Netflix's new European power couple, we're totally on board! 

What other films has Lucas Bravo been in?

As well as Emily In Paris and the aforementioned Chanel ad, Bravo has starred in a number of short films including Relation Libre, A Matter of Time, Caprice and Beautiful Injuries.

He's also appeared on television in Plus Belle La Vie, T.O.C. and Sous Le Soleil de St Tropez—although, you'd better get learning French/choose subtitles if you want to watch any of those.

Lucas Bravo height—how tall is the actor?

Pretty tall! If the internet is to be believed, Lucas Bravo is 6ft 1in.

What star sign is Lucas Bravo?

According to his Wikipedia page, Bravo was born on the 26th March 1988, making him 33-years-old and an Aries.


Lucas Bravo as Gabriel in Emily in Paris alongside Lily Collins

(Image credit: STEPHANIE BRANCHU/NETFLIX © 2020)

Is Lucas Bravo in 'Emily In Paris' Season 2? 

Most definitely! Lucas Bravo returns as Gabriel for the show's second season, and he got his wish! At the end of 2020, Lucas revealed he wanted Gabriel to get his own restaurant, which comes true in season 2.

"I really hope [Gabriel] is going to get his own restaurant," he told Glamour at the end of last year. "I hope Antoine is going to back him for a different restaurant with different food where he can really blossom.

"Relationship wise I wouldn’t want to touch Darren’s writing as that is what he does, I wouldn’t want to stipulate too much but I feel like we have left it open with Emily, Camille and I. I don’t want to say too much but I think we have a few roads to explore."

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