'Breath synchronization' is TikTok's new favorite way to stay connected to your partner

Here's what you need to know about 'breath synchronization' and how to make the intimacy hack work

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We're always craving affection, and "breath synchronization" has sky-rocketed as TikTok's preferred way to manifest more romance. 

Like the six-second kiss, this is a mindful exercise that might seem contrived, but ultimately leads to a dopamine and serotonin boost that all couples can appreciate. Whether you're feeling a little out of sorts, or if you're on the further end of the spectrum and thinking about resetting your sex life, check out what's going on with this #FYP fan-favorite.

What is 'breath synchronization'?

Just as it sounds, "breath synchronization" is lining up your breathing pattern with your partner's. How do you do it? It sounds simple, but good luck at getting through your first few attempts without a couple of laughs. (And hopefully you won't be gasping for air, either.) 

Lie down, make eye contact, and place your foreheads against each other. That's when you both will sync up your breathing in order to increase your intimacy and feel comfortable in one another's presence. This all stemmed from relationship therapist Lauren Consul's challenge, which asked pairs to give this a go...for 15 minutes! How long will it take before one of you cracks? Though there are bound to be a few hiccups, literally and figuratively along the way, these little tips and tricks are intended to help in the long run.

"As simple as these relationship hacks might be, they can, at first, feel uncomfortable," eharmony dating expert Laurel House previously admitted to My Imperfect Life. "So when initially starting these new relationship-connecting activities, have a conversation about what you’re doing. Leaning in and calling out the uncomfortable, removes the awkwardness of it." 

Not a bad way to kick things off, right?


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Why try 'breath synchronization'?

Like any dating activity or intimate experience, breath synchronization intends to bring you closer to your loved one. Though some might opt for a planned date night or perhaps the six-second kiss, breath synchronization could be another alternative, depending on what you and your partner are searching for and feel comfortable attempting. And yes, said practices are worth attempting if you ask the experts. 

"Connection and intimacy are an important part of any relationship, so finding a few minutes (or seconds!) to make time with the person you're dating, or a partner can help you stay connected and further solidify your relationship," Eva Gallagher, resident dating expert at Plenty of Fish, previously told us. 

If that's all it takes, why not give it a go?


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Alternatives to 'breath synchronization'

If this sounds a bit too out of your league, there are plenty of other ways to reinvigorate the affection. For one, there's a shorter, less intense version of breath synchronization—and no, it doesn't have to be 15 minutes.  

"Before you leave and as soon as you return each day, hug. Breathe together during the hug. Take six deep breaths together," House says. "Pay attention to how it feels when your stomach presses up against each other during the inhale. Further relax and release your muscle tension as you deepen your hug during each exhale."

You can also try something as simple as daily gratitude, where you and your S.O. share what you're thankful for about each other. The team at Plenty of Fish suggests taking things up a notch by tying consexting, if you and your partner are comfortable. 

No matter what you try, the important thing is that you're doing it together all for the betterment of your connection. Cheers to that!

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