The 'six-second kiss' is the relationship hack that both TikTok users and dating experts swear by

Sweet, simple and effective, the 'six-second kiss' is something all couples should have in their intimacy toolkit

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Pucker-up, buttercup: the "six-second kiss" is the sweet yet simple lip-lock that works wonders, according to our TikTok FYPs. 

Though we've doubted trending hashtags on TikTok before, and understandably so, dating experts are in agreement that this brief, intimate moment can spark passion and even reset your sex life

So, what is it about this peck that's getting all the attention? Allow us to explain.

What is the six-second kiss?

Just like it sounds, the "six-second kiss" is just that—a six-second smooch to enjoy every day. Coined by Dr. John Gottman, the mindful kiss is meant to form a connection with your partner and deepen your relationship. A few perks include building appreciation for your partner, creating physical touch, boosting admiration and enjoying the self-soothing sensation (you can thank the boost in oxytocin for that). 

Though it seems somewhat simple—and perhaps longer than a typical kiss if you're counting—experts are all for putting in the time. "Siri, set the timer for six seconds."

"Six seconds is just enough time for the mind to relax and bring you into the present moment," says dating expert Rikki Dymond. "The sensation of kissing signals the brain to release a cocktail of love and bonding hormones (dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin) and together these chemicals increase feelings of reward, pleasure, affection, and connection — all of which lead to deeper emotional satisfaction."

Never underestimate the power of a kiss. 

"I do believe that kissing is very underrated," Dymond adds. "Not only does kissing make you feel closer to your partner, it gives us the feelings of security and love which are needed to maintain a successful long-term relationship."


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Rikki Dymond
Rikki Dymond

Rikki Dymond is a dating coach and Flirtini dating expert. Her mission is to "help women reconnect with themselves and use their natural feminine energy to bring forward mature and lasting love."

Why is the 'six-second kiss' important?

Oftentimes couples opt for a quick peck before leaving for the day, and sometimes they fast-forward right to the more intimate acts, bypassing a mini make-out session entirely. Not only does kissing during sex increase orgasms (science says) but on its own, the smooch reconnects us to what's important in a union.

"After the honeymoon phase subsides in a relationship, people fall into a routine and can forget the things that might have been part of their connection from the beginning," says Eva Gallagher, dating expert at Plenty of Fish. "A kiss can be make or break in the early stages of dating, so it’s important to remember that your physical connection is equally as important."

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Eva Gallagher

Eva Gallagher is a dating expert at Plenty of Fish, a Match Group dating app with personalized connection options that help "create the same magic online that you would IRL."

Likewise, Laurel House, a relationship expert with eharmony, believes the kiss is a way to strengthen things between you and your loved one. 

"Connection and intimacy are an important part of any relationship, so finding a few minutes (or seconds!) to make time with the person you're dating, or a partner can help you stay connected and further solidify your relationship," she says.

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Laurel House

Laurel House is a relationship expert at eharmony, a dating site devoted to helping singles find real love, and more than two million subscribers have been matched.

What Makes Love Last?: How to Build Trust and Avoid Betrayal by John Gottman

What Makes Love Last?: How to Build Trust and Avoid Betrayal by John Gottman
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Love the 'six-second kiss'? Try another relationship hack

Though the kiss has been a crowd-pleaser, Gallagher insists that any similar activity can work. 

"Whether that’s through a six-second kiss or just by cuddling up first thing in the morning before you go about your day, find what works best for you and turn it into a special, intimate moment for you and your partner," she says. 

If you're looking for other suggestions, you're in luck. 

1. Nightly thank-you's

"Each night, before you go to bed, sit across from each other, hold hands, and say 'thank you' for something/anything that they did for you that day," House suggests. "This can be an action, a feeling, something that they said, or anything that you noticed, and appreciated."

2. Regular compliments

Kind words never go out of style, and since it's so easy to get caught up in negativity, make it a point to pick out things you like about your S.O. Sometimes it's nice to hear! 

"When we focus heavily on the negative, our relationship will start to feel negative," Gallagher says. "Instead, ensure that for every negative remark or comment you give your partner two to three positive ones."

3. Don't forget to flirt

Sexy banter—and tension—could go a long way. 

"Regardless of if you've been together for 2 weeks or 20 years, you need to flirt. Safe, Sexy, Seen are the three essentials in a relationship," Gallagher tells us. "Don't drop the sexy just because you've been together for a long time."

Ready to put these quick deeds into action? Grab the chapstick!

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