What's going on between Brynn and Sai from 'RHONY'? Apparently, drama's brewing

We'll fill you in on where Brynn and Sai stand and how the 'intentional pot-stirrer' got the drama ball rollin'

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We've *just* met the RHONY season 14 cast, yet Brynn and Sai are heading for a friendship breakup already. 

Allegedly, things took a turn for Bravo's new Housewives franchise members when filming wrapped. Considering we're only several episodes into RHONY season 14, perhaps we'll see the connection start to transform as things progress. Currently, however, the two are thick as thieves. 

"I consider Sai [De Silva] to 100 percent be one of my best friends,” Brynn Whitman said during the first episode of the new season. "I just like going to her house because it’s like that’s what I want. Like, she’s living the life that I want."

So, what's going on, exactly?

What's going on with Brynn and Sai from 'RHONY'?

Details are mum, but allegedly Brynn and Sai are no longer as close as they were at the start of the show. 

For context, Sai De Silva is a Brooklynite and content creator known for her lifestyle site, Scout the City. While there, readers receive fashion tips, travel recs, and insight into life with two children. As far as Sai De Silva's husband? Well, don't expect to see him too frequently—she prefers to keep him out of the spotlight. 

"In a world where we share everything, it’s nice to have something that is private in my life," she wrote on her blog. "It keeps my sanity and I also think having a little mystery is fun.

As far as Brynn goes, she's the pot-stirrer of the group thus far and has recently opened up about her difficult childhood to the women while vacationing in the Hamptons. 

"I grew up with my brother and my sister in Indiana, but my parents weren't really in the picture. But my mom's mom legally adopted us, so she's mom to me," she revealed in an episodic confessional. 

At this point in the season, we see the two interacting, Brynn venturing over to Sai's home, kids' presents in tow. But it appears things have taken a turn. 

Are Brynn and Sai from 'RHONY' still friends?

Although it's not clear why the two have backed off their friendship, according to Sai, Brynn has seemingly revealed details she did not want to be aired out in the open. It's not necessarily that she deems Brynn deceptive, she feels her co-star is simply not as trustworthy as she had imagined. 

“She’s a fun girl. She’s a lot of fun. As you can see, she has this huge bubbly personality [and] she’s great for going out with, but let’s just say she can’t hold a secret," she told US Weekly

This definitely checks out, considering the self-described "trophy wife in training" has no issue brewing the drama. 

“I think I’m more intentional. I’m like, ‘You just told me something. I’m gonna go tell someone else.’ I think Erin is unintentionally the biggest pot-stirrer, and I’m intentionally the biggest pot-stirrer. Act with purpose in life,” Whitfield told Hollywood Life.

As far as specifics, we'll have to wait for the show to progress to see how and why the dynamics change. But these ladies are still early on in their Bravo careers, so perhaps there's hope for redemption. We'll see! Stay tuned for more details.

 The Real Housewives of New York City airs on Sundays at 9pm ET on Bravo and next-day on Peacock.

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