Is cannabis good for sex? Experts are weighing in on how weed affects the 'dead bedroom' syndrome

Is using cannabis for sex the cure for that dry spell? Here's what the pros have to say

Can you use cannabis for sex? Pictured: Happy lesbian couple in the bed
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Looking to reset your sex life? Experts believe that using cannabis for sex is one way to liven up a "dead bedroom."  

According to CBD and hemp specialists Nature & Bloom, the Reddit-born term has been on the rise over the past several months. Couples have become stressed about sex and allowed outside influences to affect what happens inside the bedroom. Getting the spark back may seem challenging, but intimacy specialist Holly Robinson makes the case for THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis.

“I’ve found THC has a profound impact on how people let go of stress and can help to minimize nerves, as it supports relaxation," she said in a statement. "If ego and insecurities are hindering your sex life, using cannabis can result in more intimate, vulnerable and enjoyable sex, as it can help suppress intrusive thoughts."

Here's what to know about using cannabis for sex. 

Can cannabis help your sex life? 

Cannabis-infused products can help calm nerves before sexual encounters, but it can also make the act more pleasurable, according to sex therapist Bat Sheva Marcus. She says that THC makes it easier for women to climax and enhances their orgasms, as it relaxes their muscles.

“This obviously enhances their experience and makes them more eager to have sex again," Marcus said. "And whilst this isn’t the case for every woman, as everybody’s different, it may help overcome a loss in libido that otherwise would have a long-term impact on intimacy.” 

Holly Robinson

Holly is a qualified Psychotherapist, Intimacy Coach and member of the National Council of Hypnotherapy, specializing in sexual confidence and sexual blocks. She’s provided expert insights to the likes of The Daily Star, Yahoo, Essence and other lifestyle outlets, focusing on the importance of scheduling sex and prioritizing intimacy.

Likewise, Alex Capano—medical director for Ananda Hemp and faculty member at the Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp at Thomas Jefferson University—echoed the sentiment to Healthline: "CBD increases blood flow to tissues, which increases sensitivity and promotes the body’s own natural lubrication."

Should you be interested, CBD-infused or hemp-based massage oils and lubricants are popular products to start with. 

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However, that doesn't necessarily mean it's the only way to turn up the heat. Should you have reservations about trying cannabis for sex, you can turn to foreplay ideas or some of the best sex toys to liven up the pace, among other actions.

“It’s important to use cannabis mindfully and responsibly. It shouldn’t become a crutch, as anything you can achieve through use is achievable through self-development and inner work," Robinson says. "It’s not a quick fix, but can help start to reignite a stalled sex life!”

Bat Sheva Marcus (PhD)

Bat Sheva Marcus is a therapist who specializes in sexual health and the author of Satisfaction Guaranteed: How to Have the Sex You’ve Always Wanted. She’s been featured in Insider, The New York Times, BODY + Soul and more, providing insights on the frequency couples should have sex and how new parents can combat a dry spell. 

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