Will there be a 'Conversations with Friends' season 2?

Frances and Nick have unfinished business—will fans get a 'Conversations with Friends' season 2?

Conversations with Friends -- “Episode 7" - Episode 107 -- As final year at Trinity begins, Bobbi reveals she is looking for a room to rent and Frances asks her to move in. Nick returns from Croatia. He and Frances contemplate being more open about their relationship – which excites and frightens her. Nick (Joe Alwyn) and Frances (Alison Oliver), shown. Will there be a Conversations with Friends season 2
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We've been left on a cliffhanger! Will Conversations with Friends season 2 give us—err, we mean Frances—some much-needed closure?

Irish novelist Sally Rooney loves to reel us in with steamy trysts and complicated emotions, as evidenced by the Conversations with Friends cast. Now that her debut bestseller has hit TV screens, we're all curious about what comes next. 

Can we expect another round for Frances (Alison Oliver) and Nick (Joe Alwyn)? Will she be able to keep Bobbi (Sasha Lane) in her life? How will Melissa (Jemima Kirke) feel about her husband's indiscretions? Here's what you need to know.

*Warning: spoilers ahead!*

Conversations with Friends -- “Episode 4” - Episode 104 -- Frances and Bobbi travel to Croatia to join Melissa and Nick on holiday. Having not seen or spoken to Nick in a few weeks, Frances learns that he has had a tough time recently and they both realise that they are still attracted to each other. Nick (Joe Alwyn) and Frances (Alison Oliver), shown.

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Will we get a 'Conversations with Friends' season 2?

Conversations with Friends, Hulu and the BBC's latest adaptation of Rooney's work, is a new addition to our streaming lineup, having just been released on Sunday, May 15. But as usual, we're jumping the gun. 

As of press time, Conversations with Friends will likely not be treated to a second season due to a variety of reasons. First thing's first: the show ends the same way that the novel ends, which is a cliffhanger. (Psst: we've rounded up differences between the Conversations with Friends TV show vs book.) We'll likely only get more if Rooney intends to follow up with a sequel to the quartet's messy union. (Here's hoping!) 

Secondly, the BBC and Hulu also adapted Rooney's sophomore story, Normal People, Paul Mescal's segue into hearts everywhere. This was also a one-time offshoot of Rooney's novel, so it's likely that Conversations will follow a similar fate.

What is 'Conversations with Friends' about?

Before we get too ahead of ourselves—which is easy to do in the name of a good story—let's backtrack and revisit the plot of Rooney's 2017 hit.  

Frances and Bobbi, two university students from Ireland, might've ended their romantic relationship, but they did not endure a friendship breakup. In fact, the former lovers are still attached at the hip and perform together at spoken-word concerts...which is how they cross paths with Melissa. 

An esteemed writer, Melissa is quite taken with the duo and their powerful words. Things start out simply enough, but this friendship invites a whole new slew of temptations, especially when the girls are introduced to Melissa's husband, Nick. 

Bobbi is endlessly intrigued by Melissa, and Frances, our protagonist, begins an affair with Nick shortly after they become acquainted. Everyone's tangled in a mix of work and play, and it's pretty difficult to escape. 

“I think what my imagination is good at, if it’s good at anything, is coming up with psychological realities,” the author told The Irish Times in 2021. 

Needless to say, that's why everyone's chomping at the bit for the next chapter!

frances in conversations with friends

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Sally Rooney books: add these to your list

But there's no need to be depressed. Rooney is the author of three novels that will keep anyone and everyone entertained, particularly at the arrival of the beach-read season.


Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney
RRP: $17.99, £4.50


Normal People by Sally Rooney
$13.67, £3.18


Beautiful World, Where Are You by Sally Rooney
$16.80, £4.23

Frances' love life might be complicated, which is the case for many other Rooney characters, but fortunately for us, that only makes our TBR list more enticing. (No offense to Frances and the like, of course.)  

Season one of Conversations with Friends is now streaming on Hulu. 

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