Who is Danny from 'Firefly Lane'? Meet Tully's perfect match

Danny 'Sports Man' Diaz is back—right when Tully needs him most

Ignacio Serricchio as Danny Diaz, Danny from Firefly Lane season 2
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Tully Hart (Katherine Heigl) is certainly a force, yet Danny from Firefly Lane gives the broadcaster a run for her money

Yes, we've approached the emotional Firefly Lane ending, but it's never too late to introduce a new character into the mix...or should we say, re-introduce? Danny Diaz (played by Ignacio Serricchio) was once an important part of Tully's history, but life led them in different directions—and seemingly brought them back together when she needed support the most. 

Since everyone's asking "Who does Tully marry in Firefly Lane?" and "Does Tully have a baby?" let's take a step back and get reacquainted with Danny "Sports Man" Diaz.

Who is Danny from 'Firefly Lane'?

In Firefly Lane, Danny is essentially the male equivalent of Tully. He's a sportscaster (hence the nickname) who segued into reporting and can't seem to get enough of Tully in the 1980s...until he moved. Fast-forward 20 years, and Danny's back, conveniently right next-door to Tully, with his fiancée in tow. 

"The idea that they had this window in the '80s and could have been something great, but then he moves…it's like all this water under the bridge 20 years later. And so they forged this new kind of relationship," showrunner Maggie Friedman told Glamour

Their relationship doesn't stay platonic. Danny has second thoughts about his wife-to-be, Celeste, and she, too, has cold feet—so much so that she ends up planting one on Tully at Kate and Johnny's wedding. Talk about a predicament! It was a move no one saw coming.

Ultimately, Danny and Tully find their way back to one another, and he's a rock for her as she grapples with Kate's (Sarah Chalke) worsening cancer diagnosis. Though we don't see a future wedding play out for Tully onscreen, we do get flashes of her with her wedding ring.

They're very much Type A personalities who clash, yet Tully and Danny make for an interesting duo, if you ask Ignacio Serricchio.  

"They’re egomaniacs and that gets in the way. They’re both very hard-headed. It [the role] explores certain parts of the human condition that I find fascinating, which is our ego and how our ego can get us into trouble and can even prevent us from being happy and taking risks," he told Survived The Shows blog.

Ignacio Serricchio (danny) and katherine heigl (Tully) kissing in firefly lane season 2

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Where have you seen Ignacio Serricchio before? 

If you've tuned in to The Wedding Ringer, Lost in Space, General Hospital, Bones or Netflix's Good Girls, it's possible you might've caught a glimpse of Serricchio. However, he's best known for his role as Alejandro "Alex" Chavez in The Young and the Restless

Though originally born in Argentina, Serricchio and his family eventually ventured to the U.S. He attended Syracuse University's theater program, but ultimately transferred cross-country to Loyola Marymount University when his family decided to make their way over to Los Angeles. 

Is Ignacio Serricchio on Instagram?

Though we were unable to find a verified account, it appears a fan account has been created for the 41-year-old actor, @ignacioserricchio which just has a handful of headshots.

Firefly Lane is now streaming in full on Netflix. Both Firefly Laneand Fly Away are available on Amazon.

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