Does Tully have a baby in 'Firefly Lane'? Here's why fans think so

Did you hear the news about Tully? She's making some life changes come the end of season 2.

Does Tully have a baby in Firefly Lane? Pictured: Katherine Heigl as Tully Hart in Firefly Lane
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Now that an ex is back in the picture, fans are asking: "Does Tully have a baby in Firefly Lane?"

That's right, Danny "Sports Man" Diaz (Ignacio Serricchio) returns in Firefly Lane season 2 part 2, so we're curious about what develops between him and our fictional Oprah of sorts, Tully Hart (played by Katherine Heigl). As you might've suspected, their journey to love isn't an easy one, and complications abound...especially when Danny's fiancée plants one on Tully of all people! (Yes, you read fiancée correctly.)

So, does Firefly Lane end with a little one in tow, or at the very least a marriage involving Tully? We'll fill you in.

*Warning: spoilers ahead!*

Does Tully have a baby in 'Firefly Lane'?

Although she does not have a baby onscreen in Firefly Lane season 2, Tully has gotten married come the end of the Netflix series. We don't see a wedding ceremony play out for her onscreen, but we do get flashes of the broadcast journalist with her wedding ring, and we'll admit, we're glad to see her settle down. 

It's a relief that Tully and Danny found their way to one another (sans fiancée), especially now. Tragically, after Kate's (Sarah Chalke) battle with breast cancer takes her life, Tully could use a distraction to fill the void. (If you were wondering, Kate forgives Tully and our Firefly Lane girls pick up where they left off before Kate's health takes a challenging turn.) 

Considering there were a few differentiation from page to screen, fans were not ruling out a little one for Tully. 

“I think what’s cool is that: we changed just enough, so that readers who are watching the show—who haven’t seen it all—don’t know how it’s going to end because we’ve changed just enough,” showrunner Maggie Friedman told Netflix Tudum. "I like the idea that it’s going to unfold for them and they’ll still be guessing —and they’ll get to have that fresh experience with it." 

Though Tully might not have a child of her own in the show, we still kind of consider her a mother in some respects. What we especially love is that she steps in, no questions asked, when Marah gets married at the end of the second season. Although it was difficult for Kate's daughter to get ready for her big day without her mother, Tully is there to see her through it all—just what we'd expect. 

Did Tully get pregnant in 'Firefly Lane' season 1?

In the first season of Firefly Lane, Tully has a one-night stand with a young guy named Max, and their relationship escalates rather quickly when she learns she's expecting a little one. It's not an issue, though, because Max is in it wholeheartedly, or so he says. Tully, for her part, isn't entirely sure where she stands on motherhood, but slowly seems to warm up to the idea. 

But life had other plans, as Tully miscarries, and she's devastated. Once she loses the baby, she begins to spiral and pushes Max away. He ultimately decides that her lifestyle and the way in which she began to treat him were too much; they parted ways and eventually had their marriage annulled. 

Firefly Lane is now streaming in full on Netflix. Both Firefly Laneand Fly Awayare available on Amazon.

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