'Death In The Dorms,' Hulu and ABC News Studios' new series, dives into frightening stories from campus

'What should've been a great four years became tragedy'

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Death In The Dorms, Hulu's anticipated January release, shows a completely unfathomable side to college life. 

Campus-bound students are typically busy picking majors, making connections and stocking up on dorm room essentials (like Twin XL sheets, extra cups of Ramen, etc.). But unfortunately, not everyone gets the quintessential college experience they'd hoped for. 

"What should've been a great four years became tragedy," we hear a source say in the series trailer. 

For those who can't resist the best true crime documentaries, here's what you need to know about Hulu and ABC News Studios' latest project.


'Death In The Dorms' Hulu: what is the docu-series about?

Mapping out your screen time? Death in the Dorms takes us across six different campuses to uncover horrific tragedies that unfolded over the course of the years. For example, we head to the Sunshine State to take a look at Christian Aguilar's story, the University of Florida freshman who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 2012. 

Across the country at UCLA, Andrea DelVesco died three years later following an apartment fire. However, when authorities discovered that the 21-year-old student had been stabbed 19 times, the trajectory of the case had changed significantly. 

In 2019, New Jersey native Samantha Josephson entered the wrong vehicle, mistaking it for the Uber she had called. Sadly, this mixup ended up costing the student her life, as the driver forbade her from escaping and later dumped her body near New Zion, South Carolina. 

These are but a few examples. Throughout the course of the series, we hear from friends, relatives and those who were close to the various tragedies. As is the case with true crime coverage, these stories aren't for the faint of heart. 

"You trust that the type of environment your child is going to be in is going to be great. You don't expect that community to also be the one to bring them harm," we hear in the trailer.

College has been pegged as the best four years in a young adult's life, but sadly, these extreme cases prove otherwise.

'Death In The Dorms' trailer

Though the teaser is short, there's plenty of heavy material for viewers to digest, like tears from friends and anecdotes from the police about each crime scene. 

When is the 'Death In The Dorms' Hulu premiere?

Death in the Dorms will arrive on the streamer on Thursday, January 5. 

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