Why don't we see all of the 'Love Is Blind' engagements each season?

Are there more 'Love Is Blind' engagements taking place in the pods versus what we see on screen? Creator Chris Coelen dishes on it all

Why don't we see all of the Love Is Blind engagements? Pictured: Lydia and Milton on Love is Blind season 5
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Ever notice that we have pod stragglers? Are all of the Love Is Blind engagements actually documented each season? We have such a lengthy roster of hopeful romantics in the beginning, but then things tend to dwindle down in the cast as the episodes go on. 

We can't help but question how things play out and what isn't caught on camera—especially considering the Love Is Blind season 5 couples only consist of three pairs, a significant decrease from seasons past. Are people following the second-chance method à la Zack and Bliss? Will we get reacquainted with past connections the way we did with Monica and Josh? Here's what's going on.   

Why don't we see all of the 'Love Is Blind' engagements?

As it turns out, we only witness a handful of what actually takes place in the pods, according to Love is Blind creator Chris Coelen. 

"You only have so many crews and so much budget and so much time,” he told Netflix Tudum. “It would be amazing to follow everybody, but you just have to decide what feels like a good group to follow."

There's a good chance we really don't know how connections unfolded, and there could have been relationships blossoming that we didn't even get a chance to witness. There might've been wild pairings we'd never see coming! 

However, according to Coelen, having too much content is actually a good thing. When the show first began, there was a fear that there wouldn't be successful pairings, and things would simmer out after the pods. Who would go on those honeymoons and get a few weeks in those swanky new apartments?! 

"In real life, we ended up having more success than you even see on the show, in terms of people falling in love and getting engaged in the pod part of the show," he told The AV Club. "There were more couples that got engaged than we were able to follow, which we did not expect at all. We felt like we would be lucky to have just one couple, and we had an overwhelming abundance of stories."

Well, guess love really is blind (at least temporarily). If you want to find out what happened when filming stopped—or if you're curious to see who reemerges—be sure to catch up with the reunions and After the Altar, where there's a good chance a few of those said stragglers make an appearance.

The first four episodes of Love Is Blind season 5 are available to stream on Netflix beginning on Friday, September 22. The show drops episodes weekly on Fridays until October 13, when the final wedding episode will air.

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