The 'Love Is Blind' season 5 couples chat with us about the experiment—and beyond

Will they make it to the altar, or will the 'Love Is Blind' season 5 couples fizzle out post-pods? They dish to My Imperfect Life...

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Shall we raise a gold goblet to the Love Is Blind season 5 couples? The pods have opened, and Houston's eligible singles have taken the leap. Yes, y'all, the Love is Blind season 5 cast is officially ready for love. 

"It's Houston, we're the South. We're passionate. We're rowdy, and I think you guys can look forward to that," Milton, one of the younger singles this season, tells My Imperfect Life. 

He is one of the three couples to head to a honeymoon during Love is Blind season 5, which hit Netflix on Friday, September 22. Unlike this season's predecessor—you know, the one where we're still swooning over Brett and Tiffany—only a few singles venture off to their honeymoon. 

*Warning: spoilers for episodes 1-4 ahead*

Get to know the 'Love Is Blind' season 5 couples

Ready to meet a new cast of characters? These singles, for better or worse, managed to find their other half. Here's who's who this season.

1. Taylor & JP

Taylor and JP from Love Is Blind season 5

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These two "sugar butts" celebrated a milestone: the first engagement of season 5! In the pods, Tiffany, a teacher, and JP, a firefighter, were digging deep and getting to the real nitty gritty stuff, which only seemed to make them closer. Once the wall is removed from the equation, what will happen next?

2. Lydia & Milton

lydia and milton from love is blind season 5

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Though Lydia had a past with someone else in the pods—who ended up matching with her BFF Aaliyah—she managed to find her footing. After an upset with Izzy, she felt comfortable getting to know Milton, an engineer, though she initially worried that being six years his senior (he's 24) would be a make-it-or-break-it factor. In the end, it was a "make it."

The spunky, passionate, and emotional geologist managed to find love with a young, mature engineer with a seemingly serious and quiet demeanor—quite the opposite of her. In the end, the outlandish experiment really impacted Milton, despite a few hurdles along the way with his leading lady and her previous love life. 

"The experiment is definitely extremely unconventional, and I think that's what kind of drew me to the experience," Milton tells My Imperfect Life. "My main prerogative was to potentially find a wife, and Lydia had a lot of the characteristics and traits I was looking for. Being that she dated previously to me, it didn't really have any merit."

Where do the two stand? We're going to have to wait to find out.

"Love, you know, like anything, requires work. It requires commitment," he says. "I often think of it like getting through undergrad: there are some good semesters, and there are some tough semesters. You may not be on the Dean's List every semester, and that's OK. You know, sometimes you have to do something to boost that GPA."

3. Stacy & Izzy

stacy and izzy from love is blind season 5

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Izzy was a fan-favorite amongst the ladies of the pods but did earn a bit of a reputation for being a playboy (though we can't say we witness that firsthand). He broke Lydia's heart at the beginning of the experiment, only to gravitate toward Johnnie, a lawyer. But then, as he notes, "Stacy came in out of nowhere."

The yin to his yang, Stacy is a firecracker, a world traveler, and all about having fun. She originally had reservations about tying the knot, but something about Izzy's comforting demeanor changed her mind. There might be some lifestyle differences between them, but will they be able to make it work? 

What happened between Aaliyah and Uche?

Aaliyah and Uche were set to be the fourth couple of the season...until she decided not to go through with the experiment *right* as Uche was getting ready to propose. Why the cold feet? Well, it gets complicated...

Lydia and Uche actually dated outside of the pods, which seems like a coincidence, but in the end, was too much for Aaliyah—mainly because Lydia had become her best friend throughout the experiment. When the two ladies had an argument, Aaliyah realized things were off. 

"To be honest, it was just a gut feeling," Aaliyah told My Imperfect Life about her decision to leave the show. "It was just an intuition moment for me. I felt like I was making the best decision for myself and everyone involved at the time."

As far as where they stand now, they "have mutual respect for one another." But what happened to Uche, who was left in the pods alone? We'll have to wait and see.

Love Is Blind season 5 premieres on Netflix on Friday, September 22 with the first four episode. The show drops episodes weekly on Fridays until October 13.

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