What do dreams about being pregnant mean? 5 possible options

Had a dream about being pregnant? Here are some of the possible meanings—and it's not always that you want a baby

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Pregnancy is a life-altering experience that can make you feel all kinds of ways, so it can be a little alarming if you start having dreams about being pregnant.

You may wake up and immediately put your hand on your lower abdomen to confirm that it was all just a dream, but those feelings of hope, joy, or fear and anxiety can linger throughout the day. Pregnancy dreams may even make you feel nervous about drifting off again, which isn't ideal. If you're not getting enough rest, the best sleep aids can help you get that necessary shut-eye.

But if you're dreaming about being pregnant, it's not always actually about your desire (or not) for a child. Fiongal Greenlaw—the founder of The Wellness Foundry, who also specializes in dream analysis—said: "Dreams about being pregnant do not always point towards matters around parenthood. Giving birth is one, if not the most, creative thing we can do. So, let’s consider that it’s not necessarily about birthing an individual. It may give you a better sense of what the dream is trying to communicate to you."

So why might we experience dreams about being pregnant? Besides the obvious, it can actually have a few complex meanings. Many experts note that pregnancy dreams are about growth and transformation. So, with that in mind, here's a list of the most common dreams about pregnancy, and what each of them could really mean.

The most common dreams about being pregnant, explained

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1. The standard dream about becoming pregnant

If you dream about being newly pregnant, you could be exploring feelings toward a new relationship, job, or other experience that is just beginning to grow.

Fiongal Greenlaw says: "Dreams about a prenatal period more often speak to the things that you have not ‘birthed’ yet. Are there ideas, projects, new beginnings, plans and tasks still within their gestation period? Perhaps there are things that you should be manifesting into the world, but your fear and worry are holding you back. 

"Therefore, if you have dreams about being pregnant and are not currently engaged on a course to parenthood, look at the secret desires and aspirations you have that are aching to come into the world."

On the other hand, if you have a dream about being overdue or late in pregnancy, this may symbolize reaching a goal or finishing a project. 

But of course, sometimes a dream about becoming pregnant can mean just that—that you desire to become pregnant, or, are fearful, or anxious about the possibility or process. 

It may also mean that you're exploring and sorting through complex feelings about pregnancy, or having a child in general. An unplanned pregnancy dream, for example, can signify that you are feeling anxious, out of control, or afraid of making a mistake.

2. Being pregnant with multiples

Generally, the thought of twins or triplets can bring about feelings of anxiety for new parents, and those are often the kind of feelings we're exploring subconsciously when we dream about them. 

If you dream about being pregnant with multiple babies, you've probably got a lot on your plate and are likely stressed. This is a healthy way for your subconscious to explore these feelings. It's also a heads-up that you should probably work on re-organizing some priorities. 

If twins run in your family or if you're a twin, this type of dream may take on an entirely different meaning. Your mind may just be exploring the very real possibility of having twins of your own someday!

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3. Someone else telling you they are pregnant

These dreams can feel light-hearted or even prophetic, but they don't usually mean that you can see the future! Most often, we dream about the people we think about most—such as our closest friends or family members. 

Perhaps you're excited for a loved one to get pregnant, so you dream about your friend expecting—or, maybe a close friend is dealing with infertility and you truly hope it happens for them soon. 

If this is not on the cards, you might also dream about a friend's pregnancy when something new or exciting (not pregnancy-related) is happening in their life.

Or, as celebrity psychic and dreams expert Inbaal Honigman noted: "If another person in your dream is pregnant, this could be the key individual who is about to bring growth and change into your life."

4. Being pregnant with a non-human baby

These dreams can crossover into nightmare territory pretty quickly, but you can rest assured that they usually have nothing to do with babies—or aliens—at all. 

Dreaming about non-human babies usually happens when we feel ill-equipped to handle a situation, or if it feels foreign to us. Maybe you've moved to a new town, started a new job, or you're putting yourself out there in a new relationship, and are feeling anxious. Consider trying some relaxation strategies to keep the creepy pregnancy dreams away—or see our guide on how to fall back asleep if a nightmare woke you up.

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5. Dreams of going into labor

Dreams about labor are pretty common, and they can be pain-free or full of gut-wrenching screams. 

Both scenarios are, as suggested above, examples of our subconscious exploring the imminent end of a project, or of a life event. Maybe you're working through some emotional pain, and your brain is encouraging you to press on since the hard part will be over soon. If it is pain-free, your brain could be helping you to stay motivated until you complete your goal successfully.

There can be a lot of potential reasons behind pregnancy dreams, and they rarely coincide with finding out that you’re pregnant—and they don't often have anything to do with pregnancy or babies at all. Your subconscious may just be exploring big feelings while you're asleep. Don't stress if you dream about being pregnant, and instead, try to reflect on what your subconscious is trying to tell you!

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