Are extended orgasms a thing? Sexperts tell all

Another trendy orgasm term has entered the sexy dictionary

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Are extended orgasms for real, or is this supposed never-ending sensation simply a sex myth?

Like the dating world, the act itself has become quite in-depth, and plenty of new keywords have entered the dictionary. When it comes to getting down to business, there seems to be a special emphasis on the grand finale, hence those fancy vocabulary terms: blended orgasms, accidental orgasms, orgasm headaches, ruined orgasms. Oh my!

Where do extended orgasms fall on the spectrum, and are they legit? Allow the sexperts to fill you in on the latest Big O wave.

Extended orgasms 101

An extended orgasm—at times considered one in the same with multiple orgasms, depending on who you ask—is exactly as it sounds: a longer-lasting feeling than the norm, which typically has a lifespan from 15 to 60 seconds. This can be achieved solo or with a partner.

While this notion might make some inclined to dip into their box of sex toys or attempt  a frisky new move, at times it can add unnecessary pressure to what's supposed to be an enjoyable experience.

"Extended orgasms (or multiple orgasms) are a bit of a misnomer, really," says Pippa Murphy, sex & relationship expert at "The idea that it's possible to have one orgasm after another may be exciting—and yes, it is possible—but they're not all they're cracked up to be."

In fact, it's not the end goal of sex—and it's likely you've already had one or two, if not more. 

"I personally believe more women than not have experienced extended orgasm and simply don't realize it," says Edwina Caito of "I would explain it as incredible sex and orgasm that just doesn't seem to stop, as if it's all one, long, amazing climax."

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The bottom line

While yes, extended orgasms are in fact possible, the term shouldn't make you feel stressed about sex or lead you to believe that you are doing something wrong if your Big O only clocks in around 10 seconds.

"Trying out new ways of summiting and having sex with your partner is exciting and exhilarating," says Charlotte Johnson of Mega Pleasure. "Ensure not to overthink this process too much and enjoy your sexual experience together."

In essence, this means not worrying about specifics and simply doing whatever works best for you and your S.O. The act itself is not any less enjoyable if you don't fall inside the criteria for those trendy sex terms. 

However, if you take the pressure out of the equation and you do want to experience a more invigorating sensation, there are a few ways to go about the extended orgasm. Murphy suggests focusing on your breathing—"deep breathing will help your body relax"—allowing yourself to not hold back any sounds or movements and taking your time. This isn't supposed to be a contest.

"There's no rush," Murphy adds. "If this is something new for both of you, it might take some practice before either of you start noticing results from doing it regularly together."

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