What's the deal with multiple orgasms? This new study will make you hopeful about activating your pleasure points

One orgasm is blissful, but multiple orgasms? It's not as rare as you might've thought

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One orgasm is blissful, but multiple orgasms? Well, that's just hedonic...but we won't complain. Consecutive climaxes in women are somewhat of a biological mystery, yet new research has unearthed hopeful findings. Don't be surprised if you feel compelled to enforce a "more the merrier" mentality going forward. 

After a deep dive from the professionals at Psychology Today, interest surrounding a study from McGill University and the University of Montreal has come into play. The institutions put out a call for female survey participants who have experienced multiple orgasms. A total of 419 women ages 18–69 took part in the questionnaire, and the results will make you a little more inclined to activate your pleasure points.

What did the study on multiple orgasms uncover?

Almost 75% of participants experienced their first whammy of multiple orgasms through solo sex.

Considering research indicates that women's most intense orgasms are courtesy of self-love, we're not surprised that multiple climaxes occurred when women put themselves in the driver's seat. Plus, the findings also indicated that women orgasmed within 14 minutes while alone but 30–60 minutes with a partner. 

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When it comes to experimenting with someone else, 64% of women who participated in the survey revealed that they climaxed multiple times with some sort of combination of tactics—penetration, fingering, and oral sex.

If you were searching for ways to reset your sex life, perhaps a little experimentation will lead to even better results than you might've imagined?

What's more is that half of the participants shared that their second orgasm was more pleasurable than the first, so it'll certainly make you think twice about stopping, right? There's no room for quitting here. 

The study concluded that multiple orgasms in women are not a unitary experience, though they were originally considered rare. While a series of orgasms aren't as uncommon as we might've thought, it is a personal experience, so you might want to snag one of these hands-free vibrators to see what exactly works for you. 

If you need an excuse to indulge sexually, now's the time—and it's all in the name of scientific research!

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