Meet Gabby Thomas: runner, Harvard grad, and the third fastest woman in the world

All eyes are on Gabby Thomas: runner, healthcare pro, and Olympic star

bby Thomas reacts after competing in the first round of the Women's 200 Meter Dash on day seven of the 2020 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Team Trials at Hayward Field on June 24, 2021 in Eugene, Oregon
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It's safe to say Gabby Thomas is running towards a bright future. After slaying the 200-meter dash at the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials—in a record 21.61 seconds, no less—the Harvard grad is on her way to the Tokyo Olympics 2021. Despite a few hurdles along the way, the sprinter is ready to embrace the challenge and see what unfolds this summer.

In an interview with Runner's World, Thomas claims to still be in disbelief about her first-place victory, especially knowing that she'll be on the same team as her idol, Olympian Allyson Felix. Perhaps she's set to follow in Allyson's footsteps, considering her performance at the Trials garnered the world's best time in 2021 and the third-fastest time in the event's history. 

After achieving such an impressive feat, you'd be surprised to hear that Thomas was battling a serious health scare just weeks before the event. According to Runner's World, she discovered that she had a tumor in her liver and worried that she could possibly have cancer. Fortunately, she learned that the tumor was benign. 

"I remember telling God, ‘If I am healthy, I am going to go out and win Trials," she revealed to the publication. "If this is not cancer, I will make this team,’ and that’s exactly what I did." 

Now, Gabby Thomas is on her way to lead the USA in the 2021 Olympics...and finish her master's degree when she returns home. Get it, girl!

Meet Gabby Thomas: runner, Olympian, and future epidemiologist

Gabby Thomas first caught the attention of professionals while running for Harvard University. In 2018, she broke the the collegiate record for the 200 meter NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships. Ultimately, this lead to her joining forces with New Balance upon her graduation. 

Runner's World reports that she is currently training alongside Tonja Buford-Bailey in Texas. She is a master's student at the University of Texas in Austin, where she is pursuing epidemiology. 

On Gabby's Instagram account, you can take a sneak peek at her running journey, snapshots with her adopted pug, Rico, and insights about her family; she is a twin and has three younger siblings. We love that she also posts other sentimental shots for her followers—from lunch with friends to the moment she picked up her first car.

Where is Gabby Thomas from?

Born in Georgia, Thomas grew up in Massachusetts currently resides in Texas. 

According to NBC Sports, it was her mother who seemingly ignited Thomas's passion for running, as she first suggested watching Allyson Felix's Olympic Trials one afternoon while they were visiting Gabby's grandmother. 

How old is Gabby Thomas?

Gabby was born on December 7, 1996. She's 24 years old.

Gabby Thomas track height

The track star stands a statuesque 5 foot 11 inches. No wonder she has that long stride!

Gabby Thomas: Harvard major

The 2019 Harvard graduate studied neurobiology and global health and policy ahead of her goal of becoming an epidemiologist. 

"My long-term career goal is to transform the healthcare industry through sustainable community efforts, with a focus on mental health resources," she revealed on Instagram. 

We can't wait to see what Gabby Thomas has in store for us in Tokyo and beyond!

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