Good Trouble theme song and soundtrack: all the songs featured in season 3

Can't get enough of the Good Trouble theme song and soundtrack? We're with you

GOOD TROUBLE - New Moon - A surprise intruder interrupts Malikas New Moon ceremony wreaking havoc and disrupting relationships amongst the Coterie members; Callie and Gael bond, Mariana confronts Raj, Malika explores new feelings, Davia gets closer to Matt and Alice questions her relationship with Callie
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The Good Trouble theme song is just one of many favorite things about the show—we can't get enough of it. But not just that, the entire soundtrack is incredible, especially for season 3. 

It's like every single song fits the moment it has been selected for perfectly. We saw it on the soundtrack for Ginny & Georgia, and Good Trouble is no different in that department, hence why we're so excited to watch season 4. 

But first, here's a quick reminder of the hits we heard on the previous season. And if you haven't figured out how to watch Good Trouble where you are, then now is the time to do it. 

Good Trouble theme song 

The theme song itself, which we hear at the beginning of each episode, is by Canadian singer Kim Bingham. It's titled 'Bel Ami' which means 'dear friend' in French, summing the premise of the show. Who wouldn't want to live in The Coterie?

A spin-off from ABC's the Fosters, Good Trouble follows adopted sisters Mariana and Callie Adams Foster as they embark on an exciting new life in Los Angeles. As we saw in the first season, the girls moved into the co-living space they share with a group of strangers that quickly became family (and love interests). Since then, they've been navigating their careers—Callie as a clerk at a law firm fighting against injustice and Mariana dismantling the overtly patriarchal nature in a male-dominated tech start-up—while also forming new relationships and dealing with sisterly drama.

It's safe to say that the Adams Foster girls have been through a lot in the past three seasons of the show and for every high or hurdle, there's been a great soundtrack. So as we prepare for what we can only expect to be even better music moments in season 4, here are all the great songs we heard on season 3...

Episode 1: 'Capoeira'

  • In A Spiral - Phantogram
  • Hands up Like This - ZOA
  • Low - Robyn Sherwell
  • Passinho Battant (feat. Flavia Coelho) -  Tambour Battant
  • It All Comes Down To This - Hael
  • Easy Lovin' - Jessame
  • Loyal - Jacquie
  • Lovable - Blaue Blume
  • Gold Touch - Red Red Lips
  • We'll Fight - Wilder Banks

Episode 2: 'Arraignment Day'

  • Before I Die - Eamon
  • When I Turn It On - MATS
  • Battlecry - Jordan Mackampa
  • It's Gonna Be Alright - Crush Effect
  • if you got a problem - Joy Oladokun
  • Here Together - Rezar
  • Doin' My Thing - Dream Tingz 
  • Give You Power (feat. Mavis Staples) - Arcade Fire

Episode 3: 'Whoosh, Pow, Bang'

  • Happy Birthday - Cast
  • Moving (feat. Iris Reid) - 73 Keys
  • Future Now - MOONZz
  • Water Polo - Blookah
  • Porto Cristo - BROTHER
  • The Thing We Do - MOONZz
  • Whittle - Texture Like Sun
  • On me dit tu - Fishbach
  • Either Way - Justina Shandler

Episode 4: 'Klompendansen'

  • Super Duper Party People - Allie X
  • Horlepiep - The Dutch National Folk and Dance Orchestra
  • Morning Wood - Various Artists
  • Back to You - Farrah
  • Hopfa Harvest (Vox) - Michl Eberwein & Sepp Kiefer
  • Hand in Glove - HOLT
  • Hidden Shelters - Lovelier Other
  • Day In Day Out - Bootstraps

Episode 5: 'Because, Men'

  • Mezcalight - DOPAMOON
  • Better Day - Famous To Silence 
  • Nothin Bout Me - Alex Beaumont 
  • Wanna Be Me - Ellen Once Again
  • Close 2 U - Raveena
  • Heartbeat - Raveena
  • Gift of Lies - Model Zero
  • Dame Like - Octopvs To The Party 
  • Fat Bitches - Good Trouble Cast 

Episode 6: 'Help'

  • Light It Up - Peter Verdell
  • climbing the walls - This Coast Bias
  • Sentimental Trick - Future Jr.
  • Eventually - MAAD
  • iLy (feat. Ivy Hollivana) - LoneMoon 
  • Drive - T R U V O N N E
  • T.E.A.R.S - Spring Summer 

Episode 7: 'New Moon' 

  • Chattra Chakkra Varti - White Sun 
  • Miles Away - Ron Esposito 
  • Floating Horizon - Ron Esposito
  • Radiance - Ron Esposito 
  • White Sun Drums - White Sun
  • Back to the Basics - BLOU
  • Get Through - 
  • Forever - Dead Heart Bloom 
  • I'd Rather Be Blue - Bootstraps 
  • The Right - Marlan 

Episode 8: 'Trust' 

  • Jehoshaphat's Song - Sharon Irving 
  • Meateater - ALASKALASKA 
  • Gang (feat. Saeah Maison) - Anoraak
  • Lucky Charm - Heartstreets 
  • Odd Mistake - Konradsen
  • Keep Your Eyes On Me - Whyte Tygers 
  • Boom - Ngaiire 
  • Like a City - Khushi 
  • That Sinking Feeling - Fairmont 
  • Control (String Version) - Zoe Wees, 2WEI & Abbott 

Episode 9: 'Driver's Seat' 

  • Everything I Want - Mist u
  • Heat Waves - Glass Animals 
  • Gloom - Cina Polada 
  • Nag Champa Bong (feat. Natalia M. King) - DOPAMOON
  • Follow My Heart - Kwamie Liv 
  • Make it Look Easy - Wutfur 
  • Falling Again - Amy Stroup 
  • I Am the Night - Citrine 
  • Hunter - La Rochelle Band
  • Gravity (From Good Trouble) - Josh Pence 
  • Alewife - Clairo 
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