Good Trouble season 3: everything you need to know

Good Trouble season 3 is coming sooner than you think...

"Palentine's Day" - A group Valentine's party at the Coterie forces confrontations between Callie and Mariana, Gael and Jamie, and relationship drama between Malika and Isaac and Raj who is trying to forget about his sexual fantasy staring Isabella. This episode of "Good Trouble" airs Wednesday, February 12, at 10:00p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.
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If you've been wondering when to expect Good Trouble season 3 to air on streaming platforms then we've got some great news - you don't have long to wait. 

Fans of the show, which is a spin-off from The Fosters, will remember that we were left with a few major twists at the end of season 2, which aired back in March 2020. But rest assured, we're about to get our answers to all of those burning questions - including Callie and Jamie's relationship status. 

Here's everything you need to know about season 3... 

When does Good Trouble return in 2021?

Good Trouble fans, finally some good news. The binge-able drama will be back on Freeform (via Hulu) on 17 February, meaning we can finally go back to living vicariously through sisters Callie and Mariana and their exciting yet often complicated lives in LA.  

What can we expect from Good Trouble season 3? 

The third season will pick up where we left off in season 2, with Callie's relationship with boyfriend Jamie in the air after she moved out of his apartment. The show's executive producer, Joanna Johnson, told TVLine: "The question for the premiere of Season 3 is: Are they really broken up? It’s definitely pending. I don’t think it’s clear yet." 

Meanwhile, Mariana is in a sticky situation after sleeping with her boss Evan, which by the sounds of things she immediately regrets. “I think she wasn’t really thinking soberly in that moment,” Johnson said, “which is something we’ll pick up on in Season 3 — the morning after, and you’re like, ‘Oh, what did I just do?'”

There's also plenty more from the gang at The Coterie, as well as new story lines to get stuck into - after all, the girls always end up in some sort of drama, whether it's at work, their love lives or friendships as they navigate adult life in glamorous city. 

Unlike other shows like This Is Us, Johnson has confirmed that Good Trouble will not be addressing the pandemic. “The stories that we were already shooting and that we’d already broken were happening pre-COVID,” he explained. “So for the first half of the season, we’re going to stay in that pre-COVID world.”

Who will be in Good Trouble season 3? 

"A Very Coterie Christmas" - The Fosters and the Hunters help out with the impromptu volunteer Christmas event. Stef agrees to be a part of Mariana's plan to avoid a major catastrophe, all while Gael and Jazmine deal with a painful family decision. Jamie is eager to ask Callie a very important question. This episode of "Good Trouble" airs December 16 (10:00 p.m. EST/PST) on Freeform.

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Maia Mitchell (who plays Callie) and Cierra Ramirez (who plays Mariana) will be back in their roles as the Adams-Fosters sisters, as well as the rest of the cast including The Coterie family, as well as other familiar faces. Noah Centineo, who plays the girls' brother Jesus has made appearances in the past, including the recent Christmas special, so we're sure we can expect him too. 

When will Good Trouble season 3 be on Hulu?

Good Trouble will be back on Freeform on Hulu for season 3's premiere on 17 February, so mark your calendars. We've already started our countdown!