How many episodes of 'Only Murders in the Building' are there in season 2?

We'll tell you everything you need to know—but no spoilers!

only murders in the building season 2
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Welcome back to the Upper West Side, where the Arconia is busier—and more dangerous—than ever before. 

Only Murders in the Building season 2 has returned to shake things up with a new crime, and there will be more twists and turns than the series debut. We mean that quite literally, as you'll be journeying through the building's secret passageways alongside our favorite sleuths: Mabel, Charles and Oliver. 

There's a new homicide to unravel, new faces to learn and it all unfolds in new episodes, of course. But how many are there? Allow us to give you the scoop on your forthcoming screen time.

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How many episodes of 'Only Murders in the Building' season 2?

The second season is set to premiere on Hulu on June 28. The first two episodes will be readily available, but you'll have to tune in every Tuesday for the remainder. Although we won't be able to binge the fun—truly allowing us to savor the chaos—we will have weekly mysteries to look forward to. 

There are a total of eight episodes this season, each of which clock in around 35 minutes. The first portion of the sophomore shenanigans gets us reacquainted with our favorite trio now that they've been dubbed as persons of interest in Bunny Folger's murder. There are new clues to uncover and the three are busy piecing together ways in which they can prove their innocence and clear their names. 

As the story unravels, we get a look at familiar faces and meet a few new ones, some of whom don't have the best intentions. At times you might feel as though everyone's losing sight of Bunny's murder, considering new issues arise to throw our crime-solving friends for even more loops. There's a lot happening, but you're going to love it all.

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'Only Murders in the Building' trailer

So long, Tim Kono. Now, everyone's curious how Bunny Folger ended up with knitting needles through her Mabel's apartment, no less. (Talk about an unfortunate circumstance.) 

Check out what's in store for "Bloody" Mabel, Oliver and Charles as the Arconia ushers in a new chapter and things take a turn for the complicated. (Did you suspect anything less?) It's not going to be simple, but it'll sure be an excellent New York City adventure.

The show's creator, John Hoffman, did hint that there will be something new to look forward to this go-around, and not just regarding the untimely demise of Miss Bunny Folger.

"It’s got some secrets for sure and that’s another area we’re interested in exploring," Hoffman revealed to Deadline (opens in new tab). "Also, what does it mean for the real-world purposes of what’s happening with our built-in real estate terms as far as the value and who wants to live here and who doesn’t anymore? It all gets very complicated at the Arconia. You’ll learn more about its history in season 2."

Anyone else anxious to take the subway uptown and revisit our favorite amateur sleuths? We'll see you in New York City, friends! By the way, here's what's happening with Only Murders in the Building season 3

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