How to recreate Rue’s Euphoria outfits

Here's to recreate Rue's Euphoria outfits without breaking the bank

Zendaya in an episode of HBO's Euphoria as Rue Bennett
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Euphoria season 2 flooded our TikTok FYP and Instagram feeds during its run, with fans keen to copy the best Euphoria makeup looks, as well as Maddy’s iconic hair looks. But what got the most attention this season—aside from the intense themes of the show—was the clothes, and Rue’s Euphoria outfits in particular.

As fans will know, Rue’s season two style is very different from that of the first season, and provides a pretty stark contrast to the bright, Y2K-inspired glittery and risque fits we see on the rest of her dysfunctional friend group. Rue’s style is more vintage, oversized, and skater-like—and is arguably the most wearable and inexpensive to recreate.

Admittedly, season two was a harrowing watch for Rue fans as we saw her grapple with her drug addiction, meaning her fashion was generally the least of her concerns. But there is definitely something to be said about how Zendaya carries the baggy, low-maintenance outfits—and we, like many fans, can’t ignore how effortlessly cool they are. 

Ahead of Euphoria season three, these are the essential items you'll need to recreate Rue's Euphoria outfits IRL.

How to recreate Rue's Euphoria outfits

1. The zip-up hoodie & trousers combo

Zendaya wearing a maroon hoodie in Euphoria season 2

(Image credit: Alamy / LANDMARK MEDIA)

One of Rue's most effortlessly stylish outfits was her combination of her father's baggy maroon sweatshirt, plain T-shirts, crop tops, and loose-fit trousers. While we're aware that Rue has much bigger worries than her outfits, we do like how easy and simple her outfits are to recreate. 

Oversized zip-up hoodies are very on-trend at the moment, and making a bit of a comeback in the fashion world. So if you’re wanting to adopt a more grungy, casual style, layering with a zip-up like Rue is a good way to go.

Our recommendations:

Hanes Men's Full-Zip Eco-Smart Hoodie $15.99 £19.29 | Amazon

Hanes Men's Full-Zip Eco-Smart Hoodie $15.99 £19.29 | Amazon

This hoodie is the perfect dupe for Rue's—we'd recommend sizing up for that baggy fit.

Hoodies are surprisingly versatile. You can use them to either dress down, if you want to cover up but still look vaguely cool. Or, layer it with a crop top, if you still want to look stylish but be warm at the same time!

When it comes to trousers, we see Rue in a lot of loose-fitting pants, like baggy jeans, checked trousers, and cord shorts. Thankfully skinny jeans are very much out, so finding a pair of Rue-inspired bottoms is not a challenge.

Dickies Elizaville Black Workwear Trousers, $91.00 | ASOS / £60.00 | Urban Outfitters

Dickies Elizaville Black Workwear Trousers, $91.00 | ASOS / £60.00 | Urban Outfitters

Dickies really are part of a skater's uniform—after all, you can't go wrong with a pair of black-loose fit trousers. Plus, they'll go with almost anything. Pair them with a hoodie like Rue, or dress them up if you fancy wearing something a bit more fun.

Cargo trousers, $49.90/ £29.99 | ZARA

Cargo trousers, $49.90/ £29.99 | ZARA

Cargo pants are another cool-girl essential; they're light and perfect for summer, and definitely give off a laid-back vibe.

2. The graphic T-shirt

Graphic T-shirts are another staple for creating a Rue-inspired fit—and generally, the bigger, the better. 

There are so many options out there for graphic tees, so choose one that goes most with your current wardrobe, whether it be a light color option or a darker choice. If you want to take direct inspiration from Rue, we also happen to know the exact tee she was wearing in Euphoria season two episodes five and six, for you hardcore fans out there—see below!

2wo2imes Tee- Charcoal, $42.00 | Andrew

2wo2imes Tee- Charcoal, $42.00 | Andrew

This is the exact graphic t-shirt Rue wore in episodes five and six, but it's sadly sold out right now. It may well come back in stock soon though, so keep an eye out for a restock—you'll be the first to know if you check back here. Plus, we've found some great alternatives below.


Nirvana Unplugged T-Shirt Dress, $39 | Urban Outfitters

This Nirvana band tee is technically a dress, but we could totally see it working as an oversized t-shirt.


UO The Who Washed Dad T-Shirt, £35 | Urban Outfitters

Another fun band tee from Urban Outfitters, this is something we could totally see Rue in, and the edgy print would go well with Rue's signature trousers. 

3. The overshirt

USA. Zendaya and Hunter Schafer in the (C)HBO series: Euphoria (2019)

(Image credit: Alamy / LANDMARK MEDIA)

Arguably, overshirts have been knocking about in the menswear sphere for quite some time, but we're not mad at its transition over into womenswear. They're another must for recreating Rue's Euphoria outfits—remember her cute checkerboard shirt from season one? Or the Hawaiian shirt? 

Overshirts are the perfect way to layer in spring/summer, so are a good piece to have in your capsule wardrobe whatever your style.



This shirt is a similar style to the one Rue wore in season one and is very on-trend right now. But it's selling out fast and is now only available in limited sizes, so pick yours up quickly!

Short-sleeved shirt £6 |H&M

Short-sleeved shirt £6 |H&M

Layer this with a white tank top and your Dickie's and you've got yourself a Rue-approved fit. Unfortunately this shirt is no longer available in the US.

4. A pair of Converse

The biggie to really capturing Rue’s laid-back look is of course Converse, particularly the classic black and white Chuck Taylor Converse. 

The shoe—especially the high-top version—is a particularly key part of recreating Rue's style, so we'd say they are an essential for emulating her fits.

Chuck Taylor All Star Classic, $60.00/ £60.00  | Converse

Chuck Taylor All Star Classic, $60.00/ £60.00  | Converse

Whatever your style, converse needs to be in your capsule look, but especially if you want to dress more like Rue. They go with everything and are a real classic.

5. Tank tops

Zendaya in euphoria

(Image credit: Eddy Chen/HBO)

While Rue is often more inclined to wear baggy hoodies and oversized shirts, she's not averse to a more figure-flattering vest top every once in a while. We love these picks below that emulate her style above.

Crop tank top, $9.99 | H&M

Crop tank top, $9.99 | H&M

This red racer crop top is the perfect pick for summer and would look great whether it's paired with trousers or jeans. Layer up with a hoodie if you're not warm enough!

Element Alexis velvet vest co-ord in red, £18.75 | ASOS

Element Alexis velvet vest co-ord in red, £18.75 | ASOS

This baggy vest comes as part of a co-ord, but we reckon Rue might forego the shorts for the top. Pair with some trousers and you've got the ideal Euphoria outfit.

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